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A portion of the map with some icons tracking Teleporters, some Extractors, and Gordos

The World Map, referred to in-game as the Map of the Far, Far Range, is a feature introduced in Update 1.0.1 as part of The Navigation Update. At first, the map is blanked out and featureless save for The Ranch, but can be filled in by activating Map Data Nodes in respective zones.



To access the Map, the default button to bring up the map is M on the PC edition, Touchpad on the PS4 edition, and D-pad Right on the Xbox edition. When located in an area outside of any known zone, the map gains a static filter.

The Map can be zoomed in or out using the + and - buttons on the top right hand side, with the scroll wheel on the mouse on PC, or with the Left and Right Bumpers on a Controller.


The in-game map by default is blanked out and specific areas must be unlocked by activating Map Nodes.


Map tracking

The map is also able to track various things for the player, which include:

Gordo icons


Gordo icons are presented on the map when a Gordo Slime has been fed at least once. Both Wild Gordos and Snared Gordos can be tracked in this way.

Slime Keys

Slime Key TP.png

Slime Keys are not tracked on the map. Instead the game tracks how many have been collected from wild Gordo Slimes in a particular zone on the top left corner, but only once the area's Map Data Node has been activated.



Extractors are presented on the map when an Extractor has been placed. The icon for the extractor corresponds to the type of extractor being used, and is always presented as a Novice extractor on the map regardless of the rank used.

Player-made Teleporters


Player-made Teleporters are presented on the map when teleporters are placed down, whether they are linked or not. The icon used corresponds to the colour of the teleporter.

Treasure Pods


Like Slime Keys, Treasure Pods are not tracked directly on the map; instead the game tracks how many have been opened in a particular zone on the top left corner, but only once the area's Map Data Node has been activated.

Static Teleporters (One way)

One way Static Teleporters are tracked on the map as a teleporter with a house icon. The destination - the inactive teleporter on The Ranch by the Plort Market - is not tracked.


  • 1.3.2 - Fixed a bug where the slime key count on the map did not include keys that you had already discovered.
  • 1.2.1 - Made it so the map tutorial will be completed immediately upon opening the map to complete the map tutorial.
  • 1.2.0 - Improved scrolling on map while using a gamepad.
  • 1.1.0 - Gordo Slimes on the range that have been fed at least once will show up on the map.
  • 1.0.1 - Added a map interface that gives you a general sense of where you are on the Far, Far Range. Map zones are unlocked after activating map data nodes in each zone. The map will also tracked any teleporters or extractors you’ve placed, and give you a total count of slime keys and treasure pods collected in each zone.

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