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No chickens or carrots. Only slimes.
— the Slimepedia

Viktor's Workshop is an area introduced with the Viktor's Experimental Update. It serves as an expansion to The Ranch.

The teleporter to the Workshop is located in the barn of The Lab, initially in an inactive state. To activate it, The Ancient Ruins gate must be unlocked and The Lab be purchased, and have the Treasure Cracker MKII unlocked. A Range Exchange trade must then be completed with Viktor Humphries and upon doing so, he will send a partnership message via Starmail and the teleporter will activate. Note that the trade must be done last.

The usable areas of the Workshop are initially sealed off behind a barrier, with the only accessible area being a small hub area containing 4 storage depots and Viktor's personal Range Exchange where he requests Bug Reports for trading, which are converted Glitch Slimes obtained from The Slimeulation. The workshop itself ultimately becomes available for personal use once enough Bug Reports have been submitted to Viktor.

The Workshop is considered a dark area, so Phosphor Slimes can be safely kept here without Solar Shield upgrades on their corrals. Likewise, Mosaic Slimes will not attract other slimes.

Slimepedia Entry

Deep below the Slime Sea, Viktor's Workshop is one part laboratory, one part ranch that Viktor developed himself. The workshop houses his Slimeulation system that is currently filled with bugs and technical glitches and in need of further testing. Because of this, Viktor has moved on to an unknown, new project somewhere on the Far, Far Range while he seeks a partner to help troubleshoot the Slimeulation.

Though the workshop's undersea nature provides a dramatic effect, it is an extremely practical decision in that the Slime Sea provides a natural cooling system for the tremendous amount of heat the Slimeulation generates. This unnatural warming effect on the Slime Sea is a top priority of Viktor's, and he has stated that if he cannot reduce Slimeulation heat output significantly in the near future, he will shut the entire project down for fear of harming the natural environment.

Natural resources

Name Resources
Food PhaseLemon SP.png
Other Water icon.png
The Phase Lemon tree is ethereal, like the ones in The Ancient Ruins.
It requires "trading" Fruit to receive a lemon once the ethereal lemons have ripened.

Bug Report submissions


ChickenCloner.pngChicken Cloner First trade: Chicken Cloner

Doubles your chickens, half of the time!

Price: 100 Bug Reports are required to unlock this gadget.

AdvancedDrone SP.pngAdvanced Drone Second trade: Advanced Drone

A more advanced version of a drone that has the capacity to perform two tasks at once.

Price: 360 Bug Reports are required to unlock this gadget.

ViktorsWorkshopSP.pngViktor's Workshop Third trade: Viktor's Workshop

No chickens or carrots. Only slimes.

Price: 600 Bug Reports are required to unlock the Workshop.

At all times

ManifoldCube SP.pngManifold Cube Manifold Cube

It's a little bit of everything.

Price: For every 20 Bug Reports that gets sent to Viktor, he will send one Manifold Cube in exchange. This does not affect trade progress for unlockables.


  • 1.4.2 - Added a disposal mechanism to Viktor’s Workshop to help recycle any unwanted items.
  • 1.4.0 - Implemented.


  • This is the third Ranch expansion that does not directly require Newbucks to obtain, after Ogden's Retreat and Mochi's Manor.
  • Manifold Cubes are only obtainable in Viktor's Workshop.
  • There are four plots.
  • There is a panel with a force-field in the side room without the phase tree that leads to the ocean that the player can't pass through, but anything else can. in an emergency it could be used to clear the room.
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