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VR Playground, also known as Slime Rancher: VR Playground, is a free, standalone DLC for Slime Rancher jointly developed by Monomi Park and 3lb Games which was released on November 14th 2018 on PC. The content requires the HTC Vive or Oculus Rift to play.[1]

When installed, the game must be launched in Oculus VR mode or Steam VR mode from the Steam Library.


VR Playground uses maps unique to the VR experience, and behaves much like a sandbox. Each map is based on a specific zone of the main game, and will spawn resources and slimes unique to that zone, if applicable. Each map is closed in with invisible walls.

The player has no Health bar and as such are impervious to slimes which are normally harmful. The Plort Market is completely absent, so plorts can only be used to intentionally cause Largo Slime transformations, and despawn much more quickly in this mode. Largos do not eat plorts, so will not cause Tarr to appear. The player cannot jump or utilise the jetpack, and the Vacpack slots hold 20 units with no Water Tank upgrade. Beatrix's free hand and vacpack are controlled directly by the VR controllers.


The Lab - Hub

The Lab.png

The main hub area of the game that is based on The Lab. It is located in a barn very similar to The Lab's. As a hub map, it contains three teleporters to the other maps.

Categories Resources
Slimes Pink Slime SP.pngRock Slime SP.pngTabby Slime SP.pngPhosphor Slime SP.png
Food Pogo fruit.pngCarrot.png
Slime Toys Rubber Ducky.pngPower Cell.pngGyro Top.png

The Dry Reef

The Dry Reef.png

Aerial view of the Dry Reef VR map

The Dry Reef map contains three prebuilt plots containing two Corrals - one basic and one upgraded - and a Coop.

Categories Resources
Slimes Pink Slime SP.pngRock Slime SP.pngTabby Slime SP.pngPhosphor Slime SP.png(night)
Food Pogo fruit.pngCuberry.pngCarrot.pngHeart Beet.pngChickadoo.pngHen hen.pngRoostro.png
Slime Toys Beach ball.png
Gadgets SlimeballHoop.pngSpringPad.png

The Moss Blanket

The Moss Blanket.png

The Moss Blanket map immediately contains three prebuilt plots containing two Corrals - one basic and one upgraded - and a Coop.

Categories Resources
Slimes Pink Slime SP.pngTabby Slime SP.pngPhosphor Slime SP.png(Night)Honey Slime SP.pngBoom Slime SP.pngHunter Slime SP.pngPuddle Slime SP.png
Food Pogo fruit.pngMint mango.pngCarrot.pngChickadoo.pngHen hen.pngBriar Chickadoo.pngBriar hen.pngRoostro.png
Slime Toys Yarn Ball.pngBuzzy Bee.png
Gadgets SlimeStage.png


The Ancient Ruins

TheAncientRuins SP.png

The Ancient Ruins map contains three prebuilt plots containing two Corrals - one basic and one upgraded - and a Coop. Unlike the main game, Phase Lemon trees are not incorporeal.

Categories Resources
Slimes Pink Slime SP.pngTabby Slime SP.pngBoom Slime SP.pngRad Slime SP.pngQuantum Slime SP.png
Food Pogo fruit.pngCuberry.pngPhaseLemon SP.pngCarrot.pngChickadoo.pngHen hen.pngStony Chickadoo.pngStony hen.pngRoostro.png
Slime Toys Puzzle Cube.pngNight Light.png


  • Prior to release, the development roadmap teaser stated: A VR Playground will be released on Steam as free DLC for Slime Rancher in the fall of 2018! The VR Playground allows you to experience a little bit of Slime Rancher, hang out with slimes, or just sit in the flowers and relax.
  • According to Chris Lum, there is a hidden area in VR Playground.[2]


  1. - The Steam Store page explains it requires a VR headset to play the content.
  2. - Chris Lum teases the existence of a hidden area within VR Playground.
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