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    Confirm decay times Get range of tangle reach in units Get the size of a plot in units Get the size of the taming bell aura in units Get the range of a pollen cloud in units Get mosaic glint production range in units Get boom explosion radius in units Get rad aura radius in units Add fall damage to the unused features page.

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  • Purplecharmanderz
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  • Purplecharmanderz

    2018 ornaments may 25-27 pink/quicksilver

    june 1-3 phosphor/star

    june 8-10 tabby/henhen

    june 15-17 honey/rock

    june 22-24 boom/green stripes

    june 29- july 1 rad/crystal

    july 6 - 8 quantum/handlebar

    july 13-15 hunter/heart

    july 20-22 puddle/fire

    july 27-29 dervish/cloud

    august 3-5 tangle/painted

    august 10-12 mosiac/newbuck

    august 17-19 pink/handlebar

    august 24-26 phosphor/purplestripes

    august 31- september 2 tabby/stoneyhen

    september 7-9 honey/7zee

    september 14-16 boom/crystal

    september 21-23 rad/victory

    spetember 28-30 quantum/elder hen

    october 5-7 hunter/quicksilver

    october 12-14 puddle/star

    october 19-21 dervish/rock

    october 26-28 handlebar/purple stripes

    october 30-november 1st jack ornament.

    november 2-4 mosiac/fire

    november 9-11 pink/cloud

    november 16-18 henhen…

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  • Purplecharmanderz

    No Damage Runs

    January 17, 2018 by Purplecharmanderz

    Hey I’ll be compiling a list of challenges to take on for no damage runs. I’ll add a few every now and then and remove any I’ve done and set them in a section set for archiving them. If you have any suggestions post them below I’ll select the few I like.

    accepted: No plort market 7zee, keys to the retreat, collect all pure slimes (excludes golds and luckies obviously)

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