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    Hey guys!First of all, sorry i was gone long, school has been messing up my schedule, so i will do 3 blogs today.second, part 2/4 of quantum predictions is it's plort.

    first, judging by the color of the slime in the snapshot, it will be yellow with a swirl.

    second,It might sell for 80 newbucks at the start, ranging from 62-98( even though it might be a rare slime, but maybe not)

    Lastly,plortonomics. it might be the second most valuble plort in the human world, with gold seconding it.

    Thats it for this 0.5.0 quantum pedictions part 2/4.

    I'll see ya guys soon, Toodalater!

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  • Mrcreeperfun

    Hey guys!Mrcreeperfun here for my 3rd 5.0 update prediction blog!Today is The Quantum slime: part 1/4.

    we know the silver parsnip and meteor slime, as well as the prickle pear and mosaic slime are confirmed (I think),but what will be the quantum slime's favorite? and it's diet? well, thats what i will predict today!(I do 2 blogs every day, BTW.)

    the diet? i'd say it would eat fruit.

    favorite? I'd have to say something called a "Quarry Quince". a quince is a pear like fruit.

    Anyways, this is the end of the first quarter of my quantum predictions.

    I'll see ya soon my creeps! Toodalater!

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  • Mrcreeperfun

    Vacpack upgrade ideas

    January 14, 2017 by Mrcreeperfun

    hey guys, mrcreeperfun here! and my 2nd slime rancher update blog is about upgrades for the vacpack.

    Water boots: Allows you to sprint on water. useful for collecting puddle slimes.

    Poison armor: pressing Q will allow you to be immmune to rad poisoning for 30 seconds. has a 1 minute cooldown

    Tarr.mor: allows you to take 20% less damage from tarr

    That's it for vackpack upgrades!

    see ya my creeps! toodalater!

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  • Mrcreeperfun

    Ideas for slimes

    January 14, 2017 by Mrcreeperfun

    Here are my Ideas for the new slimes! 

    the metoer slime would be somewhat of an orange boom slime, but it falls form the sky at night (3rd rare slime!) It's plorts would be hot, and touching it would hurt you.

    The mosaic slime should be a slime with a tile mask.It's plorts are normal.

    I dunno about the quantum slime, But it'll be awesome! (4th rare slime!)

    There you have it!My ideas for the next update's (or next few update's)slimes!

    See ya my creeps, Toodlelater!

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