The Vac-Vac

Double right click to suck everything up to you. NB: 1000

The Splits

Ramming into Largos now split them. NB: 1250


While holding something with the Vac-Pack, click M to rapidly inflate them. Inflated slimes can be used as balloons or weights, just don't inflate the slime for too long.

Cannon Shot

While holding something with the Vac-Pack, hold left click to charge a shot. The more longer you wait, the more damage it does. Also, the shots are different and maybe have special powers if different!

Science Slimes


Violet Slime

The colors are originally up to see now. Powered up Pink Slime. Can eat plorts, but not become largos.

Firefly Slime

Heat's it's middle name. Powered up Phosphor (finally didn't say Phospher, O wait I did) Slime. Causes the brightest light, and also the hottest field ever.

Feline Slime

Um... how many kitties? 4? No. 5. There's power. Powered up Tabby Slime. Able to use tail as a defense by launching food at tarr.

Comb Slime

Comb Plorts taste good on the new brand "Bee Bomb". Powered up Honey Slime. When fed own plort, it grows and grows until it's too fat.

Ocean Slime

Some people simply don't bet that these slimes are peace lovers, because they like exploding into water. Powered up Puddle Slime. When dead, revives. Lasts for 5 days.

Tiger Slime

It had to sacrifice his scaring to turn it into fast speed. Powered up Hunter Slime. Goes faster than usual.

Glitch Slime

This is going to be history some day. Powered up Quantum Slime. Able to cause split up when attacked by Tarr.

Frag Slime

It knows it's hard sometimes. But hey, he likes fantasizing. Powered up Rock Slime. Basically, instead of rolling, he drills and shoots out shards.

Combustion Slime

He jumps in the air like he doesn't care. And then he jumps in the air again. Powered up Boom Slime. Explosion causes heated cracks in the ground.

Toxic Slime

He's hungry... should I feed him? Wait, my food ROT? Powered up Rad Slime. Radiation spreads on slimes, and radiation can rot food.

Emerald Slime

A Crystal Slime which learnt that Emeralds are better; looking good! Powered up Crystal Slime. Emeralds shoot out on Spike Patch creation.


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