I'm back and way more mature. So yeah guys, I will no longer freak out about Fire Slime stuff or "Slime Rancher Puyo Puyo Ripoff" stuff, because I recently discovered that Sega does not care about fan-stuff.

Also been a very long time since I made a blog, so WB!!!


  • Scorch Slime: Leaves a trail of fire once agitated. Sometimes causes a ring of fire.
  • Sol Slime: Invincible to incinerators.
  • Flora Slime: Will generate its own food from the bud of it. However, when agitated, its bud will wither and it will go feral 'til you water it. Will also spit seeds of the food out which might harm you.
  • Base Slime: Rolls. Sacrifices slime properties to not be able to be sucked into a Vac-Pack. So basically, it's like a largo.
  • Knight Slime: Fights off Tarr and even you. They're feral to you. Always.
  • Midnight Slime: Spawns at night time. Causes a dark aura that darkens your vision. Vision will stink if it's agitated and you're near it.
  • Kunai Slime: Will create two clones of it whenever agitated. Feeding the wrong one will result in the Kunai Slime warping out.
  • Geyser Slime: Or the Merslime. This slime can barely move on land, yet it can survive on land. When under attack, it can ride a tidal wave that damages and pushes back enemies, such as the Tarr and Beatrix.
  • Pulse Slime: When two of these are together, they make an electrical line. Two or more of these creates a BIGGER line. When their's only one of these, they create pulse waves.
  • Virtual Slime: It's virtual and can transform into other slimes.
  • Confusion Slime: Alters your brain to confuse you.
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