So we got a bit of hardships, right? WELL I ADD FOUR NEW BIOMES. Oh yeah, you need gear for all of them.

Busted Cave

"You never know what's falling."

This zone is incredibly hard. Seriously! It's a red cave with alot of staticles falling. Out of nowhere. In caves. If you want to access this zone, you'd need not only the Crag Key to get there, but...

Mining Gear

Because there's rocks you need to mine, you're going to need this. This allows you to break rocks by a press of X. Basically, the recipe is:

  • 50 Rock Plorts
  • 40 Crystal Plorts
  • 30 Mosaic Plorts
  • 10 Indigonium
  • 20 Slime Fossils


  • Crystal Slime
  • Mosaic Slime (Only found in the Reflecting Hall)
  • Dervish Slime (Found in the Windy Bridge and Windy Pillar)
  • Rad Slime (Only found in the Miner Lab)

  • Geo Slime - A slime which basically rolls instead of jumping.
  • Mirror Slime - A slime which can create clones of itself like the Quantum! But they don't warp! If clone vacpacked, then this slime would die!
  • Gust Slime - Found in the Windy Pillar. They basically act like Boom Slimes, but when they explode, they jump up into the air and make everything go flying backward, and float slowly.
  • Ice Slime - Found in the Refrigeration Room. They're shaped like a puddle or "fire" slime but without that disk-like thingie and with a mouth. Like Aero Slime, they act like Boom Slimes, but when they explode, they create an ice cube which slows you down if touched.
  • Scorch Slime - Found in the Inceneration Chamber. They act  like Boom Slimes, but when they explode, they bounce pretty crazy and burns anything it touches. When launched, they target a nearby slime to burn.
  • Clod Slime - Found in the Pulverizing Chamber. They can drill out of CORRALS!

Boss: Drill Tarr

This is a gigantic tarr which acts like the 6nd Boss in Mickey Castle of Illusion Remastered. He basically tries to smash his hammer on you, after he done that, he gets outraged, and he starts spinning around with his hammer, if it doesn't hit a Tarr Bell, it instead THROWS THAT HAMMER. What's more threatning is that the boss fight it can burrow underground then pop out of nowhere, spinning his drill. Also, the Hammer Smash attack gains a shockwave. Everytime he hits a Tarr Bell, he then spits out a ton of aggressive Crystal/Dervish slimes. After all Tarr Bells are hit, instead of dying like the 6nd Boss in Mickey Castle of Illusion Remastered, he insteads turns into a gigantic tarr wave. You MUST escape this zone fast, or you won't get those rewards, meaning it will reset. After you beat him thanks to him rushing outside into the Glass Desert, he will suddenly shake, scaring all slimes, then explode into a tarr madness. You'll get the reward, but the game becomes infection... or tag. You'll get the Earth Core and Mining Suit, allowing you to break rocks to secret areas, and burrow underground.

Flooded Canyon

"All slimes remain... well, flooded."

This zone is basically a zone where you have to find the legendary Tidal Key, used to unlock the Flooded Canyon. Basically, it's just a blue canyon full of water. You'll need Diving Gear if you want to go further down. All utilities are useless. Also, Drills and Apiaries are useless.

Diving Gear

This is what you're going to need to access this zone. This allows you to be protected from the radiation of the boss and make you not drown if you go any deeper, and immue to all the massive whirlpool events. Basically, the recipe is:

  • 50 Puddle Plorts
  • 40 Rad Plorts (due to the high radiation of the boss fight, you're going to need this.)
  • 30 Dervish Plorts (because according to the slimepedia, there's massive whirlpools that make you die)
  • 10 Deep Brine(s)
  • 20 Spiral Steam(s)


  • Puddle Slime
  • Boom Slime (Only found in the Boss Fight, aggressive)
  • "Fire" Slime (Only found in Geyser Pool)
  • Rock Slime (Only found on the rock of the Flooded Canyon)

  • Saline Slime - A slime which is solid round, never jiggles, lives in water and underwater, rolls instead of bounces, and pretty much, roll fast underwater if endangered.
  • Ink Slime - Aggresive slimes which spit ink.
  • Polloo - Underwater Tarr. DON'T GIVE HIM WATER.
  • River Slime - Found in Bayou Zone. They are made up of water. When vacpacking, it's particles are sucked up and gets smaller, and you need to suck up ALL of it's particles.
  • Whirlpool Slime - Found in the Coral Reef. They're Water variants of the Dervish Slime.
  • Abyss Slime - A rare slime, basically it's the most biggest slime you'd expect. They extend with their two tentacle-like hands (yes, they have hands) and use it to nom on tasty meat and you. Consider this as a mini-boss.
  • Seal Slime - Found in the Frozen Geysers. They like to jump rolling. On their land, they create a shockwave.

Boss: Tentacle Tarr

Basically, it's a tarr with 8 hands that he uses as tentacles. He mostly fights in the water. His first attack is to do a propeller-like attack, where his hands go round and around. His next attack is to jump out, solidifying the water. He then jumps rapidly, causing shockwaves. Once he done that order three times, he launches a punch. If you get hit by it, the punch will return to him instead of punching himself. When he punches himself, Saline Rock Largos fall out of the sky, aggressive. You have to hit him in the back, once that's done, vac that slime back up and he'll yell in pain. Suddenly, all Saline Rock Largos get scared and run everywhere, doing harm if touched. Suddenly, Tentacle Tarr eats them up and spits out two invincible tarr. Repeat this five times, and he dies, and the tarrs suddenly no longer become invinicible. You get the Water Core you'll have to save for later to enter the Apocalypse Zone. You'll also get a free treasure pod for the Silky (pun indeed, Selkie sounds like Silky, so it's made with Silky Sand.) Armor, allowing you to swim much more faster in the water. Also, while fighting, aggressive Boom Slimes fall out of nowhere.

Wilting Forest

Of course, it's a green forest which literally has so much smog thanks to those pesky Smog Slimes. It also wilted because of the Fire Slimes. Somehow, it's Aerial because of how much Boom Slimes died. Also, there's not much forest part because of how overgrown the bee hives came.

Hive Gear

Because there's alot of "jump to get there" zones, you can't use your Jetpack, because bees will sting you. So you're going to need Hive Gear if you want to be in this zone. (first question is WHY DO WE HAVE OVERGROWN BEE HIVES?!)

  • 50 Phosphor Plorts
  • 40 Honey Plorts
  • 30 Tangle Plorts
  • 10 Wild Honey (Jars?)
  • 20 Hexacombs


  • Phosphor Slimes, Phosphor Slimes last forever in this zone
  • Honey Slimes (Only found in the Beehives)
  • Tangle Slimes (Only found on the grass)
  • Boom Slimes (Only one is always found, but rarely)
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