Due to the new 3 SLIMES revealed, I saw the Fire Slime, and guess what?! SECOND TIME where devs make something which was created by someone else! (previously DANCEYKITTY'S crystal slime).

So yeah guys, FIRE SLIME is renamed to ANGER SLIME!

Also, the ability... WOT?! "It's a little burning oil slick that dines on ash." DID THE DEVS SEE MY METEOR SLIME IDEA ABOUT LEAVING A FIERY TRAIL?! WOOOOOOOOOOT WOOOOOOOOOOT!!!!!!

Nuff' with the strange-sense. Let's move onto...


What on Earth is this?

Basically, it's a steampunk world with LOTS and LOTS of tech. While slimes are mostly peaceful, a dangerous entity is lurking apon this zone...

What Slimes can I find in this zone?


Note: Bold slimes are NEW.

Fire Slime, Tangle Slime, Dervish Slime, Anger Slime like saidV-Heat (Heat Vision) Slime, Quantum Slime, AND MORE.

Note: This is the only zone which has only ALL the never seen before slimes. This is also the first and only zone to have no PINK SLIMES. YEY.

Hey, let's move onto the slimes!


V-Heat Slime

"What came first? The Heat-Seeking Missles or the Strangeness?"


These very, very, very, dangerous slimes are very rare anywhere else, AND ALSO THIS ZONE. Not to be confused with a Puddle-Boom hybrid, these slimes appear EVERYWHERE. RARELY. These slimes like to have a little snack on any ranchers that have food. This means they are Humivores (Something which only eats humans), and also Carnivores.

Rancher Risks

If you thought they were only dangerous if you had food, LOOK again. They are very DANGEROUS! These slimes are also capable of firing heat seeking missles when surprised by anything like Tarrs or RANCHERS. As said above, they also eat ranchers who HOLD food in their vac-packs. Advice: Run around. Screaming.


What, do they even produce plorts? No. Instead, they produce EVEN more missles.

Coming Soon's

Punk Slime, Vine Slime, Hydro Slime, Thermal Slime, Virus Slime, Jolt Slime, AND MORE.

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