YES! Yes yes yes yes... these slimes are for... SCIENCE! However, they seem to destroy Corrals instanly if in one...

So let's say...

Magic Corral

This is just housing. Sometimes it's very hard. Note: It has awesome upgrades.

Higher Walls

This is the same as the Corral upgrade. 

Lovely Aroma

Destroys any Magic Tarr/Tarr created.

Smelly Boot

Makes Miasma Slime suit the Corrals.

Largo Splitter

Splits any Largos about to eat plorts.

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Magic Slimes

Frond Slime - The closer you get (or tarr gets), the more shed it gets. If provoked, it launches it's petals in fury like boomerangs. "This thing doesn't know how to withstand a joke. No, really."

Cumulus Slime - Slimes which explode into a cloudy mess if not fed in a while. "If you look closely up in the skies, you can figure out that some clouds rain puddle slimes.

Tinder Slime - Slimes which have a fast dash which leave a fiery trail. "It runs so fast it beats the speed of light!"

Volution Slime - A slime which can do stunts which consist of rolling. "POSSIBLY a cousin of the Rock Slime. Wait, nevermind."

Algid Slime - A slime which can create ice blocks aswell as use them as a defense. "If you think this is a good challenge, it's totally a piercing one."

Grime Slime - Slimes which totally are going to make plants rot. "Hey you, STAHP ROTTING MAH PLANTS!"

Plate Slime - A slime with a metal plate which emits power to slimes. ""Quick! It's making my slimes get furios! Oh no! Double that! OH NOES! DOUBLE TRIPLE QUADRUPLE QUINTUPLE THAT!""

Venin Slime - Slimes which basically spew poison on your utilities. "It's like it doesn't want to be sitting in a corral! It also pollutes the water!"

Vigor Slime - A slime which can rocket jump. "This thing is very- aaaaaaaaaaaaHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!"

Dream Slime - Slimes which sleep at night, dreaming about eating Rocket Tubers. "It's known to be the boringest of all."

Blister Slime - Inflated Puddle Slimes. "Catch it before it flies away, and you're known to get lots of luck."

Brio Slime - Slimes which can revive dead slimes. "Reviving people is aganist the laws of life. Reviving slimes is still aganist the laws of life. Nevermind, actually."

Galvanism Slime - These slimes can produce sparks of lightning. "Nonono, my power's out! REVIVE DAH POWER!"

Miasma Slime - Slimes which like stinky gas and act like a Hunter Slime if not in Stinky Gas. "T-t-t-t-t-t-t-t-t-t-t-t-t! O-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o!

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