YES! Although fanon, this takes place where there's a secret entrance at the Busting Shards (aka the home of feral rads) if you basically pulse wave at the correct place. You're going to need to place some puddle slimes and the correct plort it's asking 5 times if you want to access this zone.

What to do there...

Basically, you can go around and find 14 NEW SLIMES! That's big, right?

However, later on the zone you have to be using fire to scorch down ice blocks. Sometimes ice blocks could hold a slime which has been ultra frozen! But watch out, who knows if you're going to find ravenous TARR...

Also, once you get to the Slime's Express, you basically want to use your underwater skills to go into there, while also dodging the Awfully Quick Underwater Rainbow.

Sometime at the game, you might realize that the Glass Desert connects to this ZONE!

New Resources

Yes, basically, there's new resources. When you drill up a none-exclusive resource here, they appear as CHILLED resources, and you must heat them up in order to use them.

Basically there's exclusive PUMP and DRILL resources.

Deep Freezed Ore - "I wouldn't want to be that, no really."

Frost Vial - "Delicious for the ones who want frostbites... thought you shouldn't really eat it."

New Slimes

Soak Slime - Slimes that live underwater. "How are you supposed to keep them if they need water?"

Spiral Slime - They're bouncy then anything else, and also twists out when dead. "Some say the most bouncy, and some say the most wrapping."

Spitfire Slime - Fiery slimes which go doooooooown to the core. "Maybe you should just bring water just in case.."

Tundra Slime - Icy slimes which shed there skin with ice which can make them become a snowball when rolling down. "Come down, it's just a snowball! *gets biten*"

Geo Slime - Slimes which can't be vacced. "It tastes like a stone when touched... and it still does when watered."

??? Slime (Real one) - A slime which can't be predicted. "Um... can anyone tell me why it's small and can become a personally big largo without becoming a tarr?"

Tail Slime: A slime which can launched by vaccing it's tail. "We can't tell how many tails it has because it has too much."

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