• MosaicSlimeLover

    My connection to SR

    September 21, 2019 by MosaicSlimeLover

    Hi guys! 

    So I haven't got SR yet but...

    I LOVE IT! I have friends who have the game. I stayed there on summer vacation and finished SR. AND I"D LOVE TO HAVE IT ON MY PS!

    I've seen a hack. There is a puddle statue next to the gate of the moss blanket. Put a plort in it and...the gate opens WITHOUT a slime key!

    But why am i on the wikia?

    1) It's my fav game

    2) I wanna see some secret styles

    3) I love researching

    4) Slimes are the cutest thing ever!

    So.. That was it for now. Blogs will come rarely but pls check 'em out. I'd love replies. Bye!!!

    PS: Mosaic slimes rule!

    PPS: Reply ur favorite Rancher and ur fav slime!

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