When I started playing the game, I got lost a lot. I've got no sense of direction, so the maps on here were super helpful, but I found it annoying to switch between a million different pages to find whatever I needed, so I pulled the maps together and made one with (almost) everything you need to know on it.

World Map w-all collectibles

World Map (w/All Collectibles)

It has the locations for-

  • Gordos
  • Treasure Pods
  • Map Data Nodes
  • Slime Gates
  • One-Way Teleports (Marked by Green Houses)
  • [WIP]Dual Teleports

The icons are somewhat small, but any bigger and it'd be more of a cluttered mess than it already is, and the map is slightly translucent because it made the icons pop out more (about 70%). Tell me if I forgot something, or if there's a mistake.

Hope this helps!

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