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Howdy! So you've stumbled on my little blog in this big wiki site. Before I go on and in order to prevent a potential kick/ban from the site (nobanpls ;u;), I got permission from an admin of the Slime Rancher Wiki Discord server (pretty certain they're an admin here too XD) to do this. *ahem* Anyways, now that that's cleared up, onto the point of the blog! I have made a Slime Rancher centered server on Discord and I was wondering who all wanted to join! If you wish to join, the link is right here: If not... then why are you still reading this blog...? O-o Anyways, I hope you all join and we can all have fun! The server is still really new, so any suggestions from you guys to improve the server would be greatly appreciated :3  Anyways, see you guys there! :D


(If you need the link again, here it is:

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