Since I found out that 7Zee Rewards Club now gives you blueprints for Tier 4 extractors and getting more Slime Science stuff is my main priority at the moment, I need to get lots of money fast, so I want to hear your opinion on my ranch and how it's set up. Note that English is NOT my first language so this blogpost might have some grammar mistakes.

Main Ranch

Ah yes, the Main Ranch. Since the 0.6.0 update previews from Monomi Park's twitter I LOVED Mosaic Slimes. They're just so pretty. And when the update came out, I found out that their plorts are also quite expensive, so that made me like them even more. That's why the main part of my ranch is filled with Mosaic largos. These are the largos I currently have there:

  • Mosaic/Hunters(5 in a corral, have a Stuffed Chicken)
  • Mosaic/Crystals(5 in a corral, have 2 Crystal Balls)
  • Mosaic/Rads(5 in a corral, have a Power Cell)
  • And finally, Mosaic/Booms(5 in a corral, have a Bomb Ball)

Now a question arises: "How am I supposed to feed so many largos?", and here's an answer: 3 fully upgraded gardens with Silver Parsnips AND a fully upgraded silo with 300 more Silver Parsnips(and 100 Prickle Pears, but that's for later.) I get 45 Silver Parsnips each day, and feed those largos 10 units per corral(since in my experience it was enough to get 2 units of food for a slime for it to be happy, i multiplied the number of largos in one corral by 2), and feed other slimes those leftover Silver Parsnips. I also have 2 Honey/Tabbies behind the Plort Market machine, but I left them for sh*ts and giggles. I feed them with Elder Hens/Roostros and Mint Mangos so they won't get angry.

The Grotto

The Grotto is a pretty nice looking place to be honest. I also made some changes to it once the 0.6.0 update came out so I only have Quantum/Dervishes there. But before that, I had pure Quantums and Crystal/Dervishes(i got rid of them unfortunately), and before THAT I had an another corral with Mosaic/Hunters(that i got rid of). Now the reason why I have only Quantum/Dervishes there is because this combo is quite dangerous once you think about it: if not well-fed, these guys will make cyclones AND escape their corrals, which is a death sentence to me since those frickers are in the same place as my coops with Painted Hens, an Incinerator with a Fire Slime, a garden with Prickle Pears AND they're quite near to the Lab. I almost had a Tarr outbreak because I was stupid and put 3 more pure Dervishes outside the corral, they got hungry, and SOMEHOW turned into Tangle/Dervishes(even though there was absolutely no sign of my tangle largos in the grotto). I had to burn them in the Incinerator. But I guess I described you the entirety of my grotto, so let's move on.

The Overgrowth

Well, the Overgrowth in my main save file actually has a quite interesting backstory. Back when I got it, I didn't have any idea what to do with it. I just kept it there, empty. Money well spent, haha. Until I realised that I could freerange my slimes there, and the first candidates were Honey/Tabbies, since I loved both of these slimes and their largo. I also had lots of Mint Mangos so I quickly collected 50 tabbies and fed them honey plorts. I had them for quite a while until the 0.5.0(0.5.1) update. I didn't really like the new slimes, but since lots of people said that their plorts are expensive, I got rid of half of my Honey/Tabbies, bought the Docks, and left the rest there. I got some Quantums in the Overgrowth and left them to eat the honey plorts. Of course some Tarrs did form, because I couldn't just see every plort in this part of the ranch, but luckily, I got rid of them in seconds.

Those Quantum/Honeys did give me quite a lot of money, but they constantly were escaping the Overgrowth, and I only had around 20 largos left when I started out with 50. Freaking 50. More than a half escaped, great. But fortunately, they didn't mess with my Honey/Tabby largos, so no Tarrs formed. I got kind of bored of these largos honestly, but I couldn't get rid of them since they were my main moneymakers.

That was until the great 0.6.0 update. Now, the tabby largos make a long-awaited return. Not Honey/Tabbies, but Tabbies who are much better. Tangle/Tabbies. I originally had 3 coops in the Grotto for the Tangle Gordo so I could get some Tangle Slimes, but after I popped that gordo, these coops didn't have a purpose anymore. Well, until I got the Tabbies back. Now I regularly feed them 6-14 Painted Hens from my now 2 fully upgraded coops, and I'm honestly happy with my decision. I also have 4 fully upgraded('cause those little brats keep stealing my food)gardens with Prickle Pears(that's why I have 100 units of them in the silo) in there, and 2 gordos - the Tangle Gordo(i usually call her Tanisha)  and the Tabby Gordo(i call him Tabart), I got them just for decoration. Also, about those two Honey/Tabbies I mentioned earlier - they were the only original ones left, so they must have names too. I called them after two of my close friends - Rose and Hugh.

The Docks

And the Docks! I explained basically the backstory of the Docks while talking about the Overgrowth, so let's move on. I currently have Pink/Honey largos(mainly for the Lab)which I freerange. I have 4 gardens with Mint Mangos(all have Nutrient Soil and the Sprinkler, but I added a Scareslime to one of them by accident), so they won't get hungry. I also have 2 gordos there - the Pink & Honey Gordos. I don't have names for them yet.

The Lab

And yes, finally, the Lab. I use the largos in this area for Slime Science exclusively, so please don't suggest me selling their plorts unless you have some really great ideas that will let me use their plorts for both 7Zee Rewards and Slime Science. I have:

  • Pink/Dervishes(4 in a corral, have two Beach Balls)
  • Rock/Phosphors(5 in a corral, have a Big Rock)
  • Pink/Mosaics(6 in a corral, have a Beach Ball)
  • And an empty corral which I might demolish or put slimes in.

Since Slime Science is my main priority at the moment(because i was an idiot during the 0.4.0 update and didn't do sh*t), I had to get the most diverse set of slimes that will give me lots of plorts. I was short on pink plorts so I got 2(3 if you count Pink/Honeys)pink largos, and a Rock/Phosphor largo because I didn't have these 2 types of slimes on my Ranch. That's it I guess?

Phew, I had a blast writing this thing out. Anyways, I'd love to hear your opinion and suggestions, thanks for taking your time to read this.

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