So in this update there would be a new area, an icy/snowy area. There would be a canine-like slime, that eats meat, and it's favorite food would be the Boreal Hen. There would also be Boreal Chicks.

There would also be the Icy Slime/Frost Slime, this slime would be a fruit-eater, and it's favorite food would be the Breezy Banana. The Breezy Banana would be like a regular banana, but be blue, with light blue icy spots all over it.

Finally, there would also be the Shadow Slime, and it would have a ghostly and dark appearance, it would eat the Cursed Nightroot; a vegetable. This slime would spawn deep underground, in the dark icy caves of this area. The Cursed Nightroot rots immediately if exposed to daylight long enough.

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