A cute game that I really love! (People who know me on Steam know, that I spend very very much hours of my life in Slime Rancher) The problem is the UPDATE TIME!!! Remember, the time, when we though that The Glass Desert came out with 0.5.0. Half year later: The Glass Desert and Tier 4 Slimes came out with 0.6.0+ Sad News: Meteor Slime was scrapped because it "don't works"!


Awwwww I love SlugTerra! I think, that not so many of you know SlugTerra. (This not mean that I think you are stupid, no you are't stupid, but SlugTerra is a little bit unknown, I think.)

DIFFS: Slimes doesn't exist in SlugTerra, and Slugs doesn't exist in Slime Rancher, but they are both slippery.

For the moment, that was it, and Bye!

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