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  • I live in Yo-kai World
  • I was born on September 10
  • My occupation is Completing my YW1 Medallium
  • I am Male
  • Jirachihunter

    Save Bugs

    February 23, 2019 by Jirachihunter

    A few of my save files were completely regular, but then changed to the "Boom Plort corrupted save files" or whatever they are called, and I once even just played normally, but then pressed some buttons on my keyboard or whatever, and the save file I was playing on had the Carrot icon and was a completely new one by the same name as the old one ("Walktrough").

    Why did this happen and has anyone of you ever experienced something like this?

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  • Jirachihunter

    Map Guide

    January 27, 2019 by Jirachihunter

    So, here's what I think is displayed on the map: Blue and red spaces are Teleporters,

    The three islands at the bottom are Mochi's Manor and the two Nimble Valley race courses,

    The island at the right are The Wilds,

    Red Teleporters transfer you to The Ranch or from The Ranch to another area,

    Blue Teleporters aren't connected to The Ranch at all.

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  • Jirachihunter


    A cute game that I really love! (People who know me on Steam know, that I spend very very much hours of my life in Slime Rancher) The problem is the UPDATE TIME!!! Remember, the time, when we though that The Glass Desert came out with 0.5.0. Half year later: The Glass Desert and Tier 4 Slimes came out with 0.6.0+ Sad News: Meteor Slime was scrapped because it "don't works"!


    Awwwww I love SlugTerra! I think, that not so many of you know SlugTerra. (This not mean that I think you are stupid, no you are't stupid, but SlugTerra is a little bit unknown, I think.)

    DIFFS: Slimes doesn't exist in SlugTerra, and Slugs doesn't exist in Slime Rancher, but they are both slippery.

    For the moment, that was it, and Bye!

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  • Jirachihunter

    More Edits are realy easy with comments!

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