Back again with a new idea (probably going to get comments saying this is my first and that this should be on the Fan-made wiki, check out my other idea, the Dark Caves which is on my original account I lost somehow), now the Volcanic Depths will explain new Slimes, Hazards and ect. So I hope you like this idea I made!

Volcanic Depths

The Volcanic Depths is considered the most dangerous area on the far far reef, not even the most expierenced ranchers could explore it fully as it houses many secrets full of dangerous obstacles. Found underneath the Glass Desert, one can safely presume that the firestorms had been coming from here. Others also presume that a part of the volcanic Depths is also under the Dry Reef and can also kinda probably explain the caved in place.

When Unlocking

Closed due to hazards and incidents’ that happened here before...

Ash Slime

Found occasionally in clumps of ashes that falls off the roof, these fellas will want to stay in the ashes to survive, though Fire Slimes might have a victim or two if lucky.


Hardened Slime

A slime that has put itself in a coat of Hardened lava, as years passed, they have adapted and became one with it.

Diet:Burnt Mushrooms

Burnt Mushrooms

Mushrooms that burnt while they grew, finding one is hard as most seems to be ashes of what’s left. (Requires the burning upgrade on the garden to grow)

Toasty Gardens

Gardens that were toasted to fit standards of hot Cave Mushrooms. (Cost 750 newbucks) (unlocked after unlocking the entry for the Burnt Mushrooms)

Steaming Lava

The exclusive resource in the Volcanic Depths that will burn you if touched.

Mini Fire Storms

Miniature versions of the fire storms that don’t make it to the surface of the glass desert.

Fire Storms

Fire storms that does make it up to the surface.

Rising and Lowering Lava

Lava that rises and lowers randomly upon the time of day.

Ash Clumps

Clumps of ash that makes you temporarily blind.

Vacpac overheat

The hotness of the place is making your Vacpac become temporarily unavailable to use.

Vacpac cooling

The upgrade for the Vacpac that gets rid of it overheating. Unlocks after you unlock the Volcanic Depths sacred gate


‘’The Burning Cave’’ Discover the Volcanic Depths

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