Yes as in the title, this is about DLC that I think slime rancher could have, so here it is and let's kick it off with...

DLC 1:More Challenges

Now I would think that the more challenges dlc would cost around 6 bucks and have 5 new challenges added...

Challenge 1: Largos only

Now in Largos only the small slimes are all replaced with largos (and of course puddles and fire slimes spawn still, but rarer)

Challenge 2: Singles only

Now in Singles only, the small slimes cannot eat plorts to become Largos, but become tarr instead, hey let's face it at least their "Mini Tarrs" right?

Challenge 3: Hunger

In Hunger all slimes will become hungry twice as fast and hunters will be a pain to take care of, but more money... kinda... If you can manage hungry slimes 24/7.

Challenge 4: Picky

In Picky all slimes (except pink can still eat anything) will only eat their favourite food and nothing else.

Challenge 5: Firestorms forever

Now, you can already guess by the title but in Firestorms Forever It is pretty much where the Firestorms last forever and they are everywhere on the far far Range, makeing you to take precaution on journeys!

DLC 2: More slimes, more zones

This adds more slimes and zones to the game to make the total of zones from 5 to 8 zones and from 17 different slimes to 23 different slimes, Obviously this DLC would cost a total of 10 bucks (hey you get three more zones and 6 new slimes)

Zone 1: The underwater caves

Now the new first zone in this DLC is the underwater caves and it requiring a slime key to get in, now the underwater caves is named this because it is mostly underwater. The Caves are under the dry reef and has a solid substance of what could of been the dry reef before. It will also have meteor slime drawings of how it crashed into the range and took hideout somewhere far from the range... Can you find them?

New slimes: Jelly slime, Stone slime

New resources: Hardened sand (using drill), Spotted mushroom, Spotted Shrimp

Zone 2: The Volcanic hills

Now in the second zone in this DLC is "The Volcanic Hills" and it requires a slime key to unlock, in the volcanic hills the hills sometimes like to spurt lava up into the air for a short period of time. The volcanic hills are after the indigo quarry's volcanic cave, but other than that there seems to be a metallic substance around here... Hey at least the big one isn't active.

New slimes: Meteor Slimes, Lava Slimes

New resources: Charcoal pieces (need drill), Lava, Whimsical starfruit

Zone 3: Silent Meadows

Now in the third zone in this DLC is The Silent Meadows and it requires 1 slime key and acouple honey, puddle,and boom plorts at the end of the moss blanket, Somewhere out there could be a thing makeing noise, probably somewhere far, far away wouldn't that be astounding if that actually exists in this quietful place?

New slimes: Leaf Slime, Bush Slime

New resources: quietful Honey (using apiary), Gazing Bark, Sleeping grapes

DLC 3:7Zee+

7Zee+ is only for people who have bought premium access into 7Zee and we have over 10 new rewards in 7Zee+ such as Slime statue V and Much more! We are excited to soon see you in the 7Zee+ soon enough, also not only that, we have a great deal of toys. This would cost 4$

Rank 29: Corral upgrade,chroma pack:Platinum Lead|Sprinkling Slime I|Cost:150,000|Corrals gets fancier and quantum slimes can't teleport out

Rank 30: Garden upgrade|Sprinkling Slime II|Cost:150,000|Gardens now produce more food and has a count down timer until needing to replant

Rank 31: Pond upgrade,chroma pack:Dark shallows|Sprinkling Slime III|Cost:150,000|Ponds now are deeper and carrying more water

Rank 32: Slime Statue V|Platinum Bird I|Cost:200,000|Yet another slime on Top!

Rank 33: Incinerator upgrade,chroma pack:Voltage|Plantinum Bird II|Cost:200,000|Ash troughs are deeper and can be fill with more ash

Rank 34: Coop upgrade|Plantinum Bird III|Cost:200,000|Coops can now carry up to 30 different hens and roostros and thus with that a second floor for the other 15

Rank 35: Silo upgrade,chroma pack:Sparkling sunshine|Shining Star I|Cost:250,000|Silos can hold up to 200 of any item and have a 5th slot as well

Rank 36: Slime statue VI|Shining Star II|Cost:250,000|Another one goes on top, and another does and another one does and another one does...

Rank 37: Apiary, drill, and pump upgrade,chroma pack:Cinder leaf|Shining Star III|Cost:300,000|They now have more loot coming out and a better chance for the rares

Rank 38: Sea boots|Royalty Fox I|Cost:500,000|Can now walk on water for 4.5 seconds until falling into the sea

Rank 39: Slime statue VII,chroma pack:super nova|Royalty Fox II|Cost:500,000|Ok... this getting rediculous

DLC 4:Slime science EXTENDED

This would cost 6$, In slime science EXTENDED There are a lot of new gadgets to mess with and they aren't that cheap to make...

Oh and also the refinery has a plus on it as well

Uber Apiary, Uber Drill, Uber Pump

These last 18 cycles


Uber Apiary:

40 Tangle plorts, 50 honey plorts, 60 pink plorts

Uber Drill:

40 Dervish plorts, 50 boom plorts, 60 pink plorts

Uber Pump:

40 Mosaic plorts, 50 rad plorts, 60 pink plorts


Double hydro turret:

Shots in two different ends and has a bigger radius

"Two heads are better than one!"

24 boom plorts, 12 puddle plorts, 16 deep brine, 6 spiral steam

Uber Gordo Snare:

Only baits the slime that favours the food

35 Hunter plorts, 15 primorady oil, 20 buzz wax, 14 jelly stone


Bronze mini slime:

A little bronze slime that just sits there doing nothing... Picture it like a Lil' buddy you can look at in its glory

4 primordy oil, 4 buzz wax, 4 jelly stone

Silver mini slime:

A little silver slime that just sits there doing nothing... Picture it like a Lil' buddy that is shinier than a bronze mini slime!

5 spiral steam, 5 hexacomb, 5 Slime fossil

Golden mini slime:

A little golden slime that just sits there while shining... picture it like a Lil' buddy that shines its courage!

5 indigodium, 5 deep brine, 5 wild honey

Diamond mini slime:

A little diamond slime that just sits there while sparkling and shining... picture it like a Lil' end game buddy that sparkles!

7 glass shard, 7 pepper jam, 7 silky sand

Platinum mini slime:

A little platinum slime that just sits there while sparkling and shining with a pinch of glitter... picture it like the best lil' buddy you could ever get!

3 royal jelly, 3 strange diamond, 3 lava dust


The #1 Rancher trophy

This proves that your the best Rancher in all of the far far range, and there's no denying that if you have this and even slimes will even be happier knowing that your the best!

10 royal jelly

That's all folks... maybe put your DLC ideas in the comments?

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