Welcome to tips of the week, here I will post 1 tip per week for you new and confused ranchers of how and every week the tip will change and will be here.

Tip of the week 1:Clean Up

Lets talk simple first. You will need to clean up your ranch of everything this will include pogofruit,hen-hen,pink slimes (which will be very VERY important for gadgets),and other stuff. You will have a corral right as soon as you get to your ranch and 250 new bucks to start off with. I would to keep the little buggers (slimes) happy and full of food, but that's for another week. See you all and have a good time ranchin' these slimes!

Tip of the week 2:Omnipinks

Ok, So now you are probably saying "I cleaned up my place now what?" Well let's talk pink slimes. Pink slimes are the most common Slime you will find on the range. They will eat ANYTHING (except you and structures luckily) and they have no favorites and that's probably because they eat everything. Pink slimes are the best way for Slime gadgets and sadly their plorts don't have much value.

Tip of the week 3:Plorts

Plorts are the things that helps you make money and to expand your ranch and to do that you need a market which is located right of you house. With pink plorts they are EXTREMELY useful for latter purposes, but that is for another week. After making money, you can make stuff like corrals, gardens, ponds, and more! Thing is... there is more than one plort and also a plort that is made out of gold, but let's not go into that for latter.

Tip of the week 4.1:Plots

Now you have a mighty lot of money now (probably), you think? Well, your wrong and reason why is because these upgrades cost new bucks upon new bucks to get, anyways let's get into this week! Plots are good places and are the ONLY places to put stuff on for now. You can get corrals, gardens, ponds, coops, Silo's, and incinerators (and also able to demolish one of these for another one of these)! Since the plots are used for these I am going to make the tip of the week 4 into a 7 parter. Until next time my fello ranchers!

Tip of the week 4.2:Corrals

Ok, so corrals! The corrals are places to put your vacced up slimes into a place where they can't get out. The corral is good for a lot of reasons like how you don't have to go find the slime to get their plots and they can get upgrades where you can have solar shields (so your phosphors don't disappear), Auto feeders (where it feeds them randomly for you), Plort Collectors (so they don't pile up), Boom boxes (if you don't like getting exploded), and acouple more!

Tip of the week 4.3:Gardens

Now it's time for your gardening class. Gardens! Gardens are a primary source of food and anything can grow in there (such as carrots, pogo fruit, and others)! Gardens have a couple of upgrades like the nutrient soil, and scare slime (Great if your a free range farmer), and more! Gardens can grow up to 25 pieces of fruit and vegetables and the cuberry and other fruits grows on different kinds of trees (They used to grow on only one type of tree). Well, gardening class dismissed!

Tip of the week 4.4:Ponds

Ponds are the ONLY way to keep puddle slimes alive without evaporating and not making you new bucks (and slime science gads.). The pond has no upgrades sadly... but the puddle slimes are so cute (and can get shy and not make plorts!)! That is all ponds can do really.

Tip of the week 4.5:Coops

Coops are places for hens and roostros and baby chicks. They have upgrades that has bugs and green lights and some more Upgrades. Beware of putting it around slimes as they tend to try getting to them if they love meat. Once you get the overgrowth you might either want that to be a garden or chicken place (since it spawns chickens). Meat inspection done.

Tip of the week 4.6:Incineration

Incineration, you need the incinerator to burn stuff (Slimes that were bad, and more) The incinerator has no upgrades and is also a light source that doesn't work so well. Pretty much it... You Monster

Tip of the week 4.7:Storage

So little inventory space huh? silo's will fix that! Place a silo down and you just got a 100 free storage slots and you can upgrade it from a 100 to 200 or 300 or even 400 without the price going up! With silo's you will be able to have food, plorts, and more stuff in there without takeing up inventory! These are useful for ranching a whole lot o' slimes! Not to much to talk about the silo's now, but somehow I stretched one of the most basic things into a good 4 lines worth.

Tip of the week 5:Overgrown

Now, you might want either the one or the other one with a lab or the cave one. Well, we are here to talk about the overgrowth. The overgrowth is a place perfect for a place of chickens and carrots and pogo fruit so means a perfect place for tabbies,hunters,and more. There are 5 plots perfect for trapping the little hens or a garden (or even a sanctuary). There are two places connected to this as well, a beach and a docks. There you go and have luck with the overgrowth!

Tip of the week 6:Rocky

You are probably wanting a better way to get money now. Well there is... kinda... But it is another slime called rock slime, the rock slime makes a tiny bit more money than the pinks, but doesn't eat anything it eats veggies. Now, veggies are like carrots and more. The rock slime will roll and do damage to you if he/she hits you. The rock slime requires nothing extra as well.

Tip of the week 7:Cats

So you may be wanting another kind of slime, well here is another one. The Tabby slime is a cat slime that only eats meat, meat is hen-hens and roostros. The Tabby slime has nothing else special, but if you want a cat with you, there you go.

Tip of the week 8:CODE RED!

Now, you may be experiencing some weird black rainbow slimes popping up, DONT TRY RANCHING THEM. They are bad news. They will break out of any corral with all upgrades, and the worst is they eat slimes,Food,and YOU than they duplicate and cause more havoc! Good news is you have 3 ways to beat them. 1.They have to eat constantly or they will parish by hunger 2.You can throw them in the slime sea 3.Water is a tarrs worst nightmare But anyways as a warning, DONT TRY RANCHING TARR

Tip of the week 9:???


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