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  • Jimmy2004

    Tips Of The Week

    March 11, 2017 by Jimmy2004

    Welcome to tips of the week, here I will post 1 tip per week for you new and confused ranchers of how and every week the tip will change and will be here.

    Lets talk simple first. You will need to clean up your ranch of everything this will include pogofruit,hen-hen,pink slimes (which will be very VERY important for gadgets),and other stuff. You will have a corral right as soon as you get to your ranch and 250 new bucks to start off with. I would to keep the little buggers (slimes) happy and full of food, but that's for another week. See you all and have a good time ranchin' these slimes!

    Ok, So now you are probably saying "I cleaned up my place now what?" Well let's talk pink slimes. Pink slimes are the most common Slime you will find on the…

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  • Jimmy2004

    Game modes I like to see

    February 1, 2017 by Jimmy2004

    Hello and I would like to go over the top 5 game modes I would like to see in the game. Let's start!

    5. Slime mix up

    (Note: gold slimes and lucky slimes aren't radomized)

    Slime mix up would mix slimes up every slime rancher day like this: day 1-moss blanket-honey,boom,puddle,hunter,etc. Day 2-moss blanket-tabby,rad,boom,crystal,rock and also day 1-indigo quarry-rad,crystal,boom,pink,puddle etc. day 2-indigo quarry-honey,pink,quantum,boom

    So slime mix up would be a guessing game of where is this slime next day.

    4. T.A.R.R

    T.A.R.R would be this mode where at night TARR are everywhere and they have twice health,Speed,and hunger... Bewere of the Tarr slimes!

    3. Much cheaper costs

    Much cheaper costs would be a mode where the plort market has cheaper pr…

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  • Jimmy2004

    Dark Caves map contest

    April 16, 2016 by Jimmy2004

    So here is the dark caves map contest here you make your own map and after a week of this I'll choose which is the lucky slime winner!

    So far...


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  • Jimmy2004

    Dark caves idea

    April 13, 2016 by Jimmy2004

    So here is my idea for a area I just now made up it is called "The Dark Caves" By this we will know my idea means like a cave underground and there will be puddles and stuff with that dark effect and many more things will still be added...

    This is a zone

    There's a slime gate that has to be used on it.

    Found at the indigo quarry.

    After a couple of days on the ranch after unlocking the dark caves (around 7 days) a flashlight upgrade will be provided to make the dark caves easier then using a starter flash light.

    Entry:The cave that's under it all...

    The dark caves is known as "The Dark" after being drilled into they couldn't get the drill out and decided to abandon the expedition to how incredibly dark it was and it made a flashlight look shameful…

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