So I got bored and decided to put a bunch of honey slimes in the Overgrowth (my chicken farm) to see what would happen. So,


I grabbed a bunch of honey slimes and threw them all in.

They all seemed to like it in there, so I decided to give them some fully upgraded gardens with mint mangoes to help them feel at home.

They were really enjoying themselves now!

But then I got thinking: what will control the hen hen population?  I instantly knew the answer: tabbies.So, I went to the Moss Blanket once again to get the tabbies (I managed to see 2 gold slimes,one of which I got, and a lucky slime while I was collecting) and brought them back to the Overgrowth.

Once I got back I realized they would all become largos, but I just ignored that and let them roam around the Overgrowth however they pleased. Then they became largos that were twice as cute as before, and they all looked as if they were having a blast! They were all bouncing around, happy as ever eating mint mangoes and hen hens to their slimy little heart's content! They are still bouncing around the Overgrowth doing whatever they want to do, whenever they want to do it.


You can obviously tell they are having fun.

I'll update on the topic whenever I can, so keep watch for any updates that come your way!

And I promise I'll do this to the entire ranch on another save file.

         -Honeymint  ;3

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