HoneymintTheSlime HoneymintTheSlime 24 May 2018

A Challenging Challenge

I don't remember exactly how I came up with this challenge, but it probably went a little something like this:

  • opens treasure pod

Mind: I think I'll try finding the last 2 pods while I'm here. WITHOUT THE WIKI.

  • looks over at really high up tree

mind: There must be a treasure pod up there.

So I try and try to get up there, but my vacpack can't get me high enough. I tried it over and over, but no luck. Then I thought that a largo could help. So, I get down from the huge ring and grab a pink tabby largo. All it did was push me away from my objective. I thought of an easy way to get there, and then I figured it out. That dumb quest my brother had made in Garry's Mod was useful after all! In that quest...thing, he had made a staircase to the top of a…

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HoneymintTheSlime HoneymintTheSlime 5 January 2018

Operation: Free Ranching

Remember when I made a bunch of honey tabby largos live in the Overgrowth? Well, they were becoming a problem.

They were blocking the Docks, and every time I tried to enter or exit the Overgrowth they would bounce out to boop me. They were becoming a problem, and I also needed my chicken farm back, so I chose to get rid of them. I know, it's sad, and I was making a lot of money with all those plorts, but they were becoming a problem. They had to go! So, I got rid of a few in the Slime Sea, but when I realized that would take hours, I decided to do it the fun way...

That's when I started Operation: Free Ranching.

I made a brand new save file and started doing what I normally do when I start a new save. Fill my vacpack with items that I'll want…

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HoneymintTheSlime HoneymintTheSlime 3 January 2018

Honey Tabbies

So I got bored and decided to put a bunch of honey slimes in the Overgrowth (my chicken farm) to see what would happen. So, I grabbed a bunch of honey slimes and threw them all in.

They all seemed to like it in there, so I decided to give them some fully upgraded gardens with mint mangoes to help them feel at home.

They were really enjoying themselves now!

But then I got thinking: what will control the hen hen population?  I instantly knew the answer: tabbies.So, I went to the Moss Blanket once again to get the tabbies (I managed to see 2 gold slimes,one of which I got, and a lucky slime while I was collecting) and brought them back to the Overgrowth.

Once I got back I realized they would all become largos, but I just ignored that and let them…

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HoneymintTheSlime HoneymintTheSlime 31 December 2017

It has no title.

Normally, when I use this wiki, I still have Slime Rancher running. I just wanted to mention that. And why did I want to mention it? Because why not.

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