Please give your ideas on what they should add to slime rancher. Locations, slimes, food, toys, slime science, literally anything you think they should add!

Personally i think they should make an underwater area, i have seen many people talk about this and i think this is a brilliant idea! Now i know making the whole slime sea swimmable would mean ALOT of work, so there would be a small area (as big as any other area) where you could go underwater. Location: near the indigo quarry, a small cove near where the portal to the ash islands is. But before you can go underwater you'd have to buy a scuba outfit (or something like that) either with the upgrades or you would get it with the 7Zee rewards club.

Once your scuba gear is purchased then you can dive under the water and find new slimes floating around, there would be new food and new reasources underneath the ocean. Like say there is an octopus slime with cute little tentacles and when you feed it a small snail (i searched what octopuses eat and thats what came up) and it produces a cloudy black plort.

And when you sucked up these slimes you could take them back to the ranch and put them in a corral, but there would be a new corral upgrade to make it an aquarium so your cute little slimes won't die, if however you put them on the floor for too long without water they will disappear, kinda like the gold slime or lucky slime. To feed your new slimes you'd have a similar upgrade for the farm where it makes it into a pond kinda thing, this way all your underwater food can grow in your ranch.

I mentioned new reasourses, it would be cool if you got a new drill but instead of getting slime fossils and strange diamonds, you'd get shells and pearls. I have also had some ideas about new slime toys, like a little urchin ball or a nautilus shell for them to roll around in there aquariums.

anyway these were some of my ideas for the next big update, i would love to hear yours!

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