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Fuzzbutt15 Fuzzbutt15 26 April 2017

Invalid Ranch ???

 Yesterday (4/25/2017) I had signed in to play Slime Rancher, and had to wait on it to update. No issues. When done, logged in and played for a bit. Again, no issues. But when I came back later and logged in to play, it said that my Ranch was an invalid file. Now, there are three ranches on my account, but only mine was labeled invalid. This morning, one of the other players in the house opened their ranch to play, and there were weird issues with the drill placement tool turning on randomly. Then there are crops that show on the bin that something is growing there, but there are no sprouts, no veggies, and the port collectors aren't collecting. I was wondering if this could be a bug in the update? Could something have went wrong? Is anyon…

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