If you're here, you're probably in need of a pointer or two, right? Can't find those elusive Slime Statues, having some trouble scouting out those Gordos, or simply can't spot one of those all-too-important ancient fountains? Don't worry, I'm here for ya. Just to keep this all neat and tidy, I'll be going over the Gordos first, just to make sure ya got your shortcut back to the ranch and the Slime Keys you need to get around the place. Sound good? Good. Just be aware, for some of this stuff, you WILL need the jetpack upgrade at the VERY least. Get your parkour skills ready, because this area will require it.



Unfortunately, I already popped all the Gordos, but this one should be real easy to spot.

The first Gordo you'll likely come across is the easiest to find, as it's in the most obvious structure in the entire Glass Desert. The Tangle Gordo requires 50 units of meat, and counts Painted Hens as 2 units. Burst it, and you'll get a quick warp back to your ranch if ya need more materials. Handy!

(protip: feed some of the Tangle Slimes to get at least 3 plorts. You'll need them for an early Fountain, but they're not common until much further into the desert)


Again, already popped. Keep your eyes peeled, and you should see a bit of purple peaking over one of the walls.

The Dervish Gordo will take a bit more effort to spot, and a TON more effort to get to. However, you can actually burst this one first, as it's actually located in the very first open area of the desert. Located up on a wall in the corner of the "cell", it's a bit tricky to spot, and even trickier to get to. For a bit more context, before you walk through the underpass into the cell with the Rock slimes, look immediately to your left, and you should see the pillars directly under its perch. Burst it with 50 units of fruit, (Prickle Pears = 2 units) and snag your Slime key.


This one is taken from the perch looking down, giving you an idea of the landmarks to look for.


Where the Mosaic Gordo will be located; plugging up the hole.

The final Gordo requires you to have used the Slime Key previously earned from the Dervish Gordo. I would recommend starting from the Slime Gate in the area with the Rock Slime Statues to find the Gordo a bit easier, but it can technically be reached by either gate. You'll need to do a LOT more parkour to get to this perch, and when you do, you'll be greeted by the Mosaic Gordo. Burst it with 50 units of veggies (Silver Parsinips = 2 units) and grab your final Slime Key, which you can now use to unlock the other Slime Gate in the Desert.

Rock Fountain


First Rock Statue is found off to the side of the initial slope.


Second Rock Statue can be found behind the pillars closest to the cliff. Simply walk to the cliff and spin around.


Third Rock Statue can be found up on the opposite ledge from the cliff. Second Statue is actually facing the third, as shown here.


The Rock Fountain can be found at the bottom of the ledge from the third Statue.

The first, and by far easiest Ancient Fountain to unlock is the Rock Fountain. To unlock it, you will need to obtain three rock plorts, (which can be obtained from the rock slimes within the Glass Desert if required) place them in the Rock Slime Statues hidden around the fountain, (pictured on the left) and then find the Ancient Fountain to use the Ancient Water and start restoring the Glass Desert by creating Oases. The layout of the Fountain and Statues in this area makes things very easy to stumble across, and is a great way to learn how the rest of the Glass Desert will be working. Restoring a bunch of the Oases near the fountain will allow you access to a variety of slimes, including Mosaic slimes, as well as a safe place to hide should solar events be a little too hectic for your fancy. And don't worry about the possibility of Tarr outbreaks from the slime variety; the Oases' aura actually prevents them from doing any damage and bursts them shortly after! 

Tangle Fountain


First Tangle Statue is relatively easy to spot. Simply look around the giant slime statue.


The Second Statue is relatively easy to spot as well. Look around the corner below the Dervish Gordo, and it'll be right out in the open for you to snag.


The Third Tangle Statue and the Tangle Fountain are both found at the top of the large pillar in the starting area.

The Tangle Fountain is technically the first Fountain you may come across. However, the third statue and fountain are in a high, hard to reach spot. Plus, they require Tangle Plorts, which you are extremely unlikely to have when first coming across some of the statues. In fact, if you haven't kept some of the Tangle Slimes from the Tangle Gordo, you may actually need to tackle this after the Mosaic or Dervish Fountains, as Oases near the Rock Fountain actually do not appear to spawn Tangle Slimes. Nonetheless, gather your Tangle Plorts however you can, find the statues in the area around the fountain, then find the fountain and reap the rewards by reviving the surrounding Oases below.

Mosaic Fountain


First Mosaic Statue can be spotted by simply looking across the broken bridge.


Keep your eyes skyward for the second Mosaic Statue, perched on a pillar in the corner of the ruins.


Third Mosaic Statue can be spotted in the hole beneath the second statue.


The Mosaic Fountain can be found underground, across from the third Mosaic Statue.

The Mosaic Fountain is a relatively simple fountain to fix, all things considered. It does require a Slime Key to access however, and so I shall be covering this one third. Very little parkour is actually required for this one, with the biggest jumps being the leap across the gap to the ruins and the drop into the hole with the Fountain itself. The Statues are more or less in the open, so they should be relatively easy to spot, and you should have plenty of Mosaic Plorts after reviving the Oases near the Rock Fountain. Reviving the Oases near the Mosaic Fountain will also allow you to start snagging some Silver Parsinips, if you've been struggling to find 'em.

Dervish Fountain


The first Dervish Statue is the easiest to come across. Just peek down the hole shown.


Second Dervish slime is sitting up on the wall of the area. The first statue is looking towards the second.


The third Dervish Statue is perched up high above the Dervish fountain, also shown in the picture above. (glowing light)

The final, and by far most challenging Fountain to repair is the Dervish Fountain. Fittingly, to repair this one, you're gonna need to prep your jetpack, because you're gonna be parkouring all over the place. Not only are two of the thee statues hiding up high, but the fountain is as well. However, when you do manage to repair the fountain and revive the nearby Oases, you'll be able to see some puddle slimes swimming around the newly filled ponds, along with some Tangles sneaking around. At least there's some silver linings to this one, yeah?

And that's it! Follow this guide, and you'll be one step closer to the final update! You'll have access to all the new slimes, (those Fire slimes seems to pop up during solar events from what I've seen, so keep an eye out) so have fun making a fortune off of these extremely desirable, adorable, and concerningly dangerous slimes. Their plorts sell for quite the pretty penny, after all! Hope this helped, now keep on ranching those slimes!

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