Hello fellow Ranchers! So, I saw that the new update was out and I was super excited to go explore the Indigo Quarry and catch some Rad Slimes. I launched Slime Rancher, clicked the Load button on the menu, and... "No Saved Games" appears! I had 3 games, one where I had 26k coins, both expansions, all the vacpack upgrades, and a horde of cute slimes of all types! I reloaded the game, and still nothing! It also deleted my achievements too.

WHERE THE HECK DID MY SAVED GAMES GO?! I don't want to start all over again!

Has anybody else had this problem? I saw that some YouTubers still had their saved games from before the update, but mine were deleted! PLEASE HELP ME!

If this has to do with anything, I am using a Macbook Pro. Thank you!

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