Welcome to the world of Slime Rancher! Well, of course you know what Slime Rancher is, but you don't know what my fan slimes are! So, here is basically stuff. Enjoy! This is a WIP.

Firefly Slime

Like little nightlights, but wireless.


Closely related to Phosphor slimes, Firefly Slimes enjoy lighting up the night just as much as their glowy relatives do. However, they can stand daylight, but will refuse to produce plorts while the sun is shining on them. Their glow actually lights up the area around them, unlike Phosphor Slimes.

These slimes can be useful to bring in dark areas if you want to go exploring at night.

Rancher Risks

If anything, the Firefly Slimes are quite helpful, as they light up the dark.


Firefly Plorts are said to hold magic within them. Really, it's just excess light from the food the Firefly Slimes digest. Back on Earth, people use Phosphor Plorts as lights, but they also use Firefly Plorts as little nightlights for kids to go to sleep with. They float, too! No outlet, no problem!

Other Info

Occurance: The Moss Blanket at night, caves in the Indigo Quarry

Default Value of Plort: 20 Newbucks

Diet: Fruit

Tunnel Slime

Found your newly gathered Tunnel Slime to be gone? Check for holes.


These mischevious little slimes love to cause michief. As suggested by the name, Tunnel Slimes love to dig holes. Ever wondered where all the caves in the Dry Reef and Indigo Quarry came from? Here's your answer.

Sadly, their instincts in the wild carry over into their corrals. If you want to stop them from causing the Slimemageddon from escaping by digging tunnels, keep them well fed and they'll satisfy their need to dig with drilling holes in their carrots.

Rancher Risks

Tunnels Slimes aren't dangerous intentionally, but can cause scattered plorts that can lead to... things by digging holes to escape. You can prevent this by keeping them well fed.


Humans on Earth use Tunnel Plorts to turn into a type of drilling material that's perfect for going through tough layers of rock. However, there have been reported incidents of the drill falling loose and gaining a mind of its own and drilling away. Scientists think it's because the wild personality of the Tunnel Slime was carried into their plorts.

Other Info

Occurance: Uncommonly in the Dry Reef and Indigo Quarry caves

Default Value of Plort: 55 Newbucks

Diet: Veggie

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