It's just a fun idea that I thought about today.

These cosplays will base around different styles of ranching and decorating of the Ranch (and the Far, Far Range too), also based on the NPCs we have in game. These will be only doable with version 0.4.0 or later, because decorations require Slime Science to be added first.

REMINDER: This blog post is currently not complete (maybe it won't be ever at all) and things here might change.

Style #1 - Thora West


Gameplay Style
While going around the Far, Far Range, you gotta have to be more careful about what's surrounding you and what you're planning to do. Because of that, this playthrough of Slime Rancher will be slow paced.

Composition of the Ranch's Plots
While organising your Ranch, you should use stuff that is more common around the Far, Far Range. That means most of the stuff should be simple: You should mostly keep Pink, Rock, Tabby and (maybe) Phosphor Slimes, farm Pogofruits & Cuberries, Carrots & maybe Heart Beets.

Usage of Slime Science Gadgets

Usage of Decorations

Other Stuff

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