so i am a fan of slime rancher, and being a slime, i have some ideas to make this place feel AWSOME!

first an idea of a tarr gordo. this scary gordo would eather be feed slimes to get bigger, or you have to run into its mouth. he would exsplode into tarrs and have the tarr containment unit (TCU) that could suck up tarrs. 

second idea is to make a largo containment unit (LCU) that could store largos. unfortanatly, in my game, i have alot of pink tabbies and i want to move some, but the only available sopt is far away, and i would have to take every single one and move them with that. so if there was an upgrade that could suck up largos, that would be awsome. but of corse you could only hold a limited amout, as they are larger than other things you suck.

there should also be a sidequest to find the ranch's previous owner, and you have to fend off feral slimes and tarrs, so that would be cool. 

if you have any ideas, than comment!



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