1: The Tropics!

This zone near the freshest water in the Slime Sea is the perfect place to find all kinds of food for your Slimes! 2 New Slimes would spawn in the Tropics and many treasure pods could be found here! Other Slimes that you could find would be the Pink, Tabby, Phosphor, Puddle, and Hunter Slimes. Like the Mesa Wasteland, this area is not needed to complete the game. Buzz Slimes also spawn here, and Hunter Largos don't go feral!

2: MORE New Slimes!

The Jelly Slime and the Electro Slime would arrive to the Tropics! The Jelly Slime eats Fruit, and is one very gooey and bouncy little guy! It even spawns in the Mesa Wasteland! The Electro Slime is a Meat-Eater that loves to snack on a good chicken! But don't be fooled by this slime's smile, they can deliver a very painful shock!

3: New Food!

The Jelly Slime's favorite food, the Bananamelon and the Electro Slime's favorite food, The Sparkeled Hen would thrive in the Tropics. (Bananamelons do NOT grow in the Wasteland!)

4: An Amazing new Lab Addition!

When buying the Lab Upgrade in the 7Zee Rewards Club, you would unlock the Deconstructor! This device could dismantle any object that you have in your inventory, but unlike demolishing, this machine would give you the resources you used to build the gadget back!

5: New Treasure Pods!

New Decorations, gadgets, Fashion Pods, Curios, and much more would be inside of the treasure pods in the Tropics! Have you ever wanted to give a Slime a Puppy Face? Do you want to play a harder game of Slimeball? Well now you can!

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