1: New 7Zee Rewards!

One New 7Zee Reward would include Free Range Forcefields, Corral-like shields that prevent slimes from escaping a ranch expansion. This would be unlocked on Rank 16.

Another Reward would be the Hydro Shower. This upgraded Hydro Turret now targets Tarr faster and fires rapidly. This would be unlocked on Rank 22.

2: The Mesa Wasteland!

The Mesa Wasteland would be a zone that could be reached from the Indigo Quarry. 2 New slimes would spawn here! The Mesa Wasteland is a large open area with many mesas around. In the area, you'll come across the usual Pink, Phosphor, and Rock Slimes, but keep an eye out! Crystal Slimes also show up here! This area has many treasure pods containing new decorations, gadgets, fashion pods, and other goodies! However, this area is not needed to complete the game.

3: New Slimes!

The Meteor Slime and the Buzz Slime would be added to the Wasteland!

The Meteor Slime is a Veggie eating Slime that shoots itself into the sky, and comes crashing down fast!

The Buzz Slime is much like the Phosphor Slime, but it can survive in the daylight and fly longer! With a nice yellow and black striped pattern, this Fantastic Fruit-Eater is ready to soar across the mesas!

4: New Food!

With new Slimes comes new food! The Bitter Broccoli and Goofruit would grow in the Wasteland.

5: New Gadgets

Many new gadgets would be added, like portable plort collectors, "Kawaii" and Tophat Fashion Pods, Yellow and Black Warp Tech/Slime Lamps, Slime Bait, and many more!

6: The Sands

A new sandy ranch expansion with 4 plots. The Grotto is required to purchase it.

Bonus: Butterscotch Warp Tech would be found in the Glass Desert (The Yellow Tech would be a darker shade of yellow)

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