I'll be adding various custom images to use on the wiki, but to make sure everyone likes what's been done, I'll post them here first, and keep an updated gallery of the images as they change or expand. 

If you think of something that should be added, leave a reply and let me know! Now that the game is on Steam I'm sure it will continue to grow, and the wiki will too!

I've got alot of images done, but I have to color-adjust them to match the offical art, and then fix the .PNGs for transparency (so they work with the new design when it's implemented). I've done this for the Slimes, now I need to do it for the Foods.


Not-In-Yet - Slime Category

The World - Main Page

The Ranch - Main Page

Food - Main Page

Slimes - Main Page

Achievements - Main Page

Anything else? Let me know!


(Updated 1/20/16)

It should go without saying but: these are not 'official' images for Slime Rancher, just custom doodles to help streamline the Wiki.

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