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Found this while browsing for gifs. Pretend it doesn't exist.


Ratings on Slimes from Best to Worst

Everyone needs to know this. Also no largos. I have none except for the one or two I leave roaming in my Grotto.

  • Puddle Slimes (SO PUDDLY... That's a word now. I like their redesign.)
  • Golden Slimes (Don't we all?)
  • Pink Slimes (I dunno, I just have too many on my farm.)
  • Tabby Slimes (I literally have a secret cave for them. Also, bouncy!!)
  • Rock Slimes (^ Same reason.)
  • Honey Slimes (Easiest for me to feed.)
  • Rad Slimes and Phosphr Slimes (Tied because they GLOW. Hardest to feed imo.)
  • Boom Slimes (They lag...badly. The only reason they surpassed the Lucky Slime was because of the new update.)
  • Lucky Slimes (NOT WORTH THE TROUBLE... Fun to watch tho.)