aka Elizabeth The Honey Hunter Largo

  • I live in Earth
  • My occupation is Slime Rancher, Comic Reader
  • I am Awesome, duh!
Hello, Ranchers!! Welcome to my page. I can help you with anything, especially tips on keeping a great ranch and earning lots of Newbucks.

My FAVORITE slimes!!

Fire slime

Hunter slime

My Gordos (yes I have Gordos decorating my ranch)

-Pink Gordo (Lab)

-Honey Gordo (Grotto)

-Pink Gordo (Ranch)

-Hunter Gordo (Ranch)

My... Expertise

I will help you in any way, but I am really good at:

-What slimes to get

-How to earn a lot of Newbucks

-The best ways to get LOTS of Slime Science Gadgets


-A lot more :)

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