I found this photo... it looks like a largo. PART TABBY PART QUANTUM 👻👻👻👻👻🐈

 Hi I'm Kitten the kitten slime.

Whoever made this, IT LOOKS LIKE A BOOP!!!!! 🐱🐱💖💖


I like puddle slimes, and I unfortunately don't play slime rancher :C. I like cats.

Puddle Slime Lol

My face looks like the puddle slime's face (cute eyes, invisible mouth)

Mustache Island 3

Part of my home.

I like mustaches.

I'm cute.

I'm 2.


Meet BOb, please give him chickens. He is very hungry.

I am cute.

Did I mention I'm cute?

Mustache Island

Another part of my home.

I have a notebook containing sketches of things I see.

(pretend this isn't animated) A firestorm I saw, my pencil burnt before I could put my signature.


A lucky slime I once met, (they asked me to sketch them)

I like to sketch.

I like to explore.

I hope that one day, I'll have sketched all known amazing (to me) things

Rubber Ducky

I call him, Mr. Quack Quack.

and unknown (possibly).

I love toys!

Every night, I gather all my toys and sleep with them.

I find Mustache Island a very Comforting place.
Yarn Ball

My favorite (and first) ball of yarn,Yarnsy. It is well loved

I have a collection of Mustache stuff in a section of Mustache Island all to myself. HAHAHA HAHAHA YOU WILL NEVER FIND IT!!!!!!

I like sticking mustache stickers everywhere.

My plort looks just like the tabby port except with ears and a tail.


My favorite food!

I donate to the CHICKENS FOR BOb Charity!
Tarr freindly

This is Tar, the Vegetarian Tarr! He's one of my BSFF (Best Slimy Friends Forever)

  I currently have two BSFFs! Tar the Vegetarian Tarr and Mustacho the Puddle slime! Mustacho

This is YaLargePat, a largo who writes how to articles on the Slimenet (sry but it's made up)

has a mustache!

I use the Slimenet! A HUUUUUUUUUGGGGGEEEEEE Island that sounds go to write articles and stuff of that sorts, it's practically another dimension, considering its infinite. Only  slimes can go to (sry but it's made up...)

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