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  • I live in Yo-kai World
  • I was born on September 10
  • My occupation is Completing my YW1 Medallium
  • I am Male
Painter Slime
WIN 20170523 18 07 30 Pro

Hi. I am a Little Vanille-NYI Largo and i can´t wait for Nimble Valley!!

My Favorite Things in Slime Rancher:

Hunter Slimes

Prickle Pear

Crystal Slime


Tangle Slimes SO MUCH CUTENESS!!!

Gold Slime

Gold Plort

Mosaic Slime


And if it had not been removed, then the meteor also determined Slime

Rad Slime

Rad Plort


Gordo Slimes

Gordo Snares


My favourite Slimes:

#5 Phosphor Slime They are much cuteness, that's it.

#4 Honey Slime The Slimepedia Icon is so cute!

#3 Crystal Slime Shiny!!! And dangerous...

#2 Dervish Slime I like Dervishes! I don't know why, but I like Dervishes!

#1 Tangle Slime CutenessX5!!! Same Thing with Puddle Slime's old look, I don't understand why a blue Pink Slime with a blue mouth inside is cuter than a cute, shy puddle. (That doesn't mean, that I hate the old design. It's cute, just cute.) You can answer on my Wall. (This is no marketing!!!)

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