• I live in Don't reveal
  • My occupation is PvZ,slime rancher
  • I am Don't reveal

About Me

I'm a professional slime rancher player who is always makeing the slime world clear of tarr with hydro turrets (and also a professional decorater). I check the road map from time to time to be up with all current news. I will take all predictions and false stuff out of the slime pages that are there, once spotted. I'm always checking the wikia to see what has changed (and as well as reading comments). All slimes are considered cute in my opinion (not tarr sometimes).

My favorite pages

  • puddle slime
  • crystal slime
  • BOb

Fanmade Locations

Dark Caves

Dark caves

Dark Caves 0.4

Needing help with currently

  • Getting Dark Caves pictures in a slideshow
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