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This page serves to document content that was either planned and ultimately scrapped, features that were once in the game but were later removed, or is in the files but remains unused in the current version of Slime Rancher.

Asteroid Prop


An unused asteroid prop was once used in the prototype Beach, and the object data and mesh are fully intact within the game's files.

Beta Slimes

Slimes in the Beta version of Slime Rancher were much more simplified, differing only in their colorations. The Tarr also appeared significantly differently as it does now; sporting a crimson hue and a drooling mouth, which is referenced by modern Tarr on the Vacpack.[1]

These slimes are not present in the current games, though it is likely that they were adapted into other existing slimes, which were made to have easily identifiable silhouettes rather than a simple color difference.


Crouching was a movement feature present in the game from 0.2.0 up until 0.3.1, with the default key bind set to the letter C. It was not mentioned in the Controls menu of the game's settings while present in the game.

While crouching would not lower the camera to indicate it was active, it would physically reduce the size of the player's collision box while slowing down overall movement, and shaking the vacpack up and down while moving. While pressed, it would disable jumping or jetpacking as long as the crouch button was held, however if one were to be in the middle of jetpacking whilst crouching was active, would cause the player to glide forwards, likely unintended behavior.

It is unknown why it was removed, or what function it was intended to have.

Cube Model


An unused textureless cube model is present in the game's files, and has been since Update 0.2.0.

The Loading Screen Texts indicate that Viktor was attempting to make Cube Slimes, which may have been the cube model's intended use.

Debug Menu

The Debug Menu was used by the Monomi Park developers to easily test the game. It was disabled after Update 0.2.2.

[ Decrement time of day
] Increment time of day
+ Add 1000 Newbucks
- Remove 1000 Newbucks
f6 Toggle HUD
f12 Reset Achievement Progress
0 Award all personal upgrades (jetpack, energy, etc.)
7 Force Save
9 Fill Vacpack with random items (How Rad Slimes, Prickle Pears, Silver Parsnips and Oca Ocas were obtained in 0.2.1.)

Hydro Shower


The Hydro Shower is a gadget that was originally planned to be included in Update 0.4.0, where it would have been unlocked a week after the Hydro Turret. It is unknown why it was never finished, but is fully functional. The prototype model is a blue sphere on top of a cuboid, somewhat resembling a matchstick.

Like other utilities it requires two minutes to install it. Unlike the Hydro Turret and Super Hydro Turret, it has to be activated manually. Once active, a rain effect will cover the immediate area while the gadget pulses every 0.5 seconds. Every Tarr within the radius of roughly 3 rad auras will take 20% of the damage of a regular Water shot, requiring at most 5 pulses, or 10 pulses at night to dispatch them. After 10 pulses the rain effect will stop, and has a minute cooldown before it can be used again

The crafting recipe of the gadget is:

PlortBOOM.png x12
PlortPUDDLE.png x12
BuzzWax SP.png x8
DeepBrine SP.png x8
SpiralSteam SP.png x6

Iron Rancher Mode

Iron Rancher Mode was a game mode intended to be introduced in Update 1.4.0, and was intended to add challenge to standard gameplay. It was shelved in favor of content Nick felt was more exciting and more in line with Slime Rancher.[2]

This mode adds a replayable survival-like experience to the game. It has you race against time to collect quotas of various plorts across multi-day rounds. Each round will also include mixed rules and various challenges, including vampiric chickens, random plorts, random tarr spawns, increased hunger and more.
— Development Roadmap prior to its removal

All of the features can still be found within the game's code. Their exact functions are detailed here.

Meteor Slime

Main article: Meteor Slime


The Meteor Slime was once planned to be added in Update 0.6.0, but were scrapped because the slime wasn't working, Monomi Park thought that it wouldn't make sense on the ranch and Mosaic Slimes were already raining fire, so parts of its behaviors were repurposed for other slimes.

The only remaining part of it in the game is the magnetism code, which has been present since the slime's prototype stages.



Modifiers are special options which change the rules of the game. They have been in the game since the prototype stages and were planned to be used in Iron Rancher mode. There are 6 modifiers available:

  • Cluckula - Chickens become feral at night.
  • Bad Moon Rising - 5% chance for a Tarr to spawn at night.
  • The Gambler - 10% chance for a slime to produce a random plort instead of its own.
  • Gobs of Globs - Slime spawns are increased by 30%.
  • The Hunger - Slimes get hungry twice as fast.
  • Unstable Plorts - Plorts explode after 30 seconds.

Party Fashion Pod


The unobtainable Party Fashion Pod item - not to be confused with the obtainable Party Fashion Pod - is equipped to the Party Gordo, although it does not use a standard Fashion Pod slot so other pods can be equipped to it. When burst, the pod is automatically equipped to the four Pink Slimes spawned from it, regardless of the pods given to it by the player.


The Fashion Pod item is unobtainable through legitimate means, and spawning in the item through modding reveals that it has no icon, its vacpack color is set to black, and its overworld icon is an "Image Needed" placeholder. However, the pod is fully functional and equips the fashion pod to slimes like normal pods.

Puddle Gordo

The Puddle Gordo has an identifiable entry within the games files, but has no model or game object associated with it.

Pure Saber Slime

Two Saber Slimes in a corral.

The Saber Slime has a pure Saber Slime model, which was added in Update 1.4.0; prior to this it had no model.

The pure Saber Slime does not spawn naturally and cannot be vacced but otherwise fully functions like a normal slime, including having the ability to transform into a largo slime and having its own Secret Style Pack.

Pollen Cloud Cutoff

The Pollen Cloud Cutoff is a static variable found within the code of the game. it is found with the other variables that would affect the Tangle Slime's ability to produce pollen, and is set to a value of 0.95, or 95%. the variable though is unused, and as such has no effect on pollen production. it likely was scrapped for simplicity, and likely would have been used to tell the tangle slime when to stop producing pollen.

Quantum Vibration levels

Quantum Vibration levels are variables generated within a method of the code within the Quantum Slime, which while the method seems complex, it isn't called for any events outside of determining the vibration level. It is located within the class known as QuantumVibration, which is used to determine if the slime can teleport.

As the code is unused, it may be leftover from the original Quantum Slimes before being simplified.[3]

Tier 2 Utilities

There are many unused Tier 2 Utilities hidden within the files such as the Rapid Med Station, the Super Hydro Shower, and the Elite Taming Bell. They have been present in the game's files since Update 0.4.0 and of all of them, only the Super Hydro Turret has been added.

The Hydro Shower is the only unreleased gadget to be fully functional; all others do not have any functional data associated with them.

Tier 4 Treasure Cracker

The Tier 4 Treasure Cracker is an upgrade that has been in the game since Update 0.4.0. It does not have an entry in the Upgrades shop, which means it can only be obtained by modifying the game.

It currently has no function as there are no Treasure Pods requiring its use.

Unused Chroma Packs

There were originally planned to be 30 Chroma Packs available from the 7Zee Rewards Club. However only 27 (including console exclusive Emerald and Sapphire) are used, leaving three of them unused - a copy of the Ruby Chroma Pack, Amethyst and another one that has no data assigned to it. The copied Ruby and Amethyst Chroma Packs are set to unlock once Rank 9999 of the 7Zee Rewards Club is reached, rendering them unobtainable. Those Chroma Packs can be applied to the ranch like the regular ones. The Kanpeki and Tomatillo Chroma Packs use separate ID numbers.

Additionally, the Onyx Chroma Pack was originally added to the game's files in Version 1.3.1, with the Scuba Playset, and then removed in Version 1.3.1b. The Scuba Playset was eventually implemented in an official capacity in Version 1.4.2, however Onyx was not.

Unused Fashion Pod Slot

A Honey Hunter Largo with a Royal (set to the Top slot) and a Shady Fashion Pod. The reason why the Royal Fashion Pod is floating above its head is because it was intended to be used in the Front slot.

There are actually two defined Fashion Pod Slots; one for the front and one for the top of the slime. Currently, all fashion pods use the Front slot, leaving the Top slot unused.



Weather, or more specifically Rain, was a feature once planned to be in the game. It was used in the prototype versions of the game but since public release, it has remained unused, but can be re-enabled in the game files.

When enabled, rain has a chance to appear every 3-12 hours and is entirely cosmetic, so it does not damage Tarr. It can also rain just as frequently in The Glass Desert.

Before Ponds were changed to provide unlimited water and no longer required allowing it to autofill over time, their Slimepedia entry once stated that rain would immediately refill them. However this was never implemented.

A pond will slowly be consumed if vac'd up or drunk up by puddle slimes, but will slowly refill over time. You can transfer unused water from your vacpack to the pond, and they will refill immediately when it rains.
Removed Pond Slimepedia entry


  1. TarrAttackNozzleAttached.gif - The Tarr's "second mouth" can be briefly seen when it attempts a bite at the player.
  2. - Nick explains why Iron Rancher Mode was shelved.
  3. - Kara explaining a possibility for why Quantum Vibrations was never used.
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