• So does anyone want to join me in being the first people to find the party gordo this weekend? I have a plan. There are 29 set locations the party gordo spawns in. Some are in The Moss Blanket, The Indigo Quarry, The Glass Desert, The Dry Reef, and The Ancient Ruins, there’s also two locations in The Wilds. I attempted searching all the areas by myself once, but it failed because I am only one person. If around 4 or 5 of us work together, one of us is sure to find the party gordo. Ideally there will be 5 of us, each of us takes one area and searches for the party gordo there.(Since there’s only 2 locations in The Wilds, we’ll search that area last.) For example, if I got assigned The Moss Blanket, I would search in the 5 areas where the party gordo spawns. If I didn’t find the party gordo there, i would come back to this post and say I didn’t find the party gordo there. Everyone else would be searching other areas and reporting back the results. And through process of elimination, or if someone encountered the party gordo, we would very quickly find him. There are images of all the locations in the Party Weekend/2019 page. Everything is ready for this plan, except for the people. So if you want to join this quest, just reply. We start at midnight, eastern time. 

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