• I am trying to get a hold of but it is very difficult. Sorry but it's hard to send any messages nothing is showing up on message walls. Do you have a email account were I can email you where it will probably be easier to talk.

    While do agree with you and what you said is true I don't like how things ended in the other message. You are correct about the harshness of reality the biggest disappointment is no one cares about it. Harshness is only solved and fixed when a person does something to change and fix I know because I have seen it. Anyway let me know your email because I want to think of you as a friend. It's such a disappointment that people lack the will to do anything about solving a problem that some people go through.

    You are Intelligent and speak the truth you know how things work but yet you didn't solve the problem. There need to be more problem solvers.

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    • Chatting with you here on another wiki is something that gets me into more trouble which is why I want to chat to you through email. I just need a better way to talk to because I want to think of you as a person who agrees with me.

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    • Hey you can contact me on Discord... My tag is #2249.

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    • Sorry it was hard try to think of something to at the beginning and the top of the message. I couldn't think of what to call it. Sorry I don't have Discord and I don't plan on downloading it.

      Sorry but I don't like Discord. I caved in I downloaded Discord and I am certain I am going to not like the app my tag number #2329. I really do believe I might not enjoy having the app. Also I can't find you on there.

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    • For reason I think that you probably might be ignoring me.

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    • A FANDOM user
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