• If the market really does go up/down in value depending on if you sell a lot/few of certain Plort types within several days without much randomness in prices, how exactly do you manage the economy? Do you even bother to manage it?

    How often do you sell your different Plorts?

    The poll was created at 06:27 on November 28, 2017, and so far 262 people voted.

    I can earn way over 100 Plorts of 1 type in just 1 in-game day. I could spam the market several hundred Plorts of a few different types when the prices are high but then the prices crash for days. I have 4 silos but they can only hold 100-200 of each Plort type that I have, I don't think having 8 silos would help much and that wouldn't be practical since I'd lose space for corrals. If I hold back on selling any Plort type, it would just overflow my corrals with Plorts in a day. I have pretty much just ended up selling Plorts whenever I harvest them regardless of price. Is there still a way I could manage Plort prices?

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