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    Freaky Slime

    Diet: Anything

    Favorite Food: Purple Hen-Hens

    Rarity: Uncommon

    Default value of Plorts: 100 (They have black and white Plorts. The Plorts themselves have a marble-esqe pattern. They also glow in the dark.)

    Aggressive: Only to The Tarr.

    Appearance: Similar to White Face from Imscared.

    Slimeology: Freaky Slimes are among the scariest-looking slimes on the ranch, right next to The Tarr. However, due to the scariness of these slimes, they scare all other slimes away except The Tarr and other Freaky Slimes. Because of this, most Freaky Slimes are lonely and sad because no one wants to be around them. If a rancher finds one however, these slimes will be happy to find that someone cares about them. If it encounters a Tarr or is in the middle of a Tarr outbreak, these slimes will fight to the bitter end, and probably take a few Tarrs with them.

    Rancher Risks: Like a Pink Slime, there isn't much to worry about with a Freaky Slime, and they're very happy to be around a rancher. Freaky Slimes are quite handy when it comes to wiping out small Tarr outbreaks, so just about every rancher has about five or six of them.

    Plortonomics: Freaky Plorts are great for glowsticks and Halloween decorations.

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    • They already do that on Slime Rancher Fanon wiki.

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    • electric slime.

      diet: fruit,

      favorite: black-current

      dangers: they have an electric field that prevents you from using energy, such as jetpacks and sprinting, and also drains your energy, but they don't attack you.

      appearance: similar color to rock slime, but has electric sparks as well.

      slimeology: electric slimes tend to group around conductive metals, such as copper, they are rumored to have been created by thunderstorms in the far, far range.

      plortonomics: electric plorts can be refined to create power cells that can last up to 100 years, and can also be used to redirect lightning bolts and other electricity.

      location: a power station that is accessible from indigo quarry using a mecha key "crafted with 50 mecha plorts and 5 strange diamonds at the slime science fabricator"

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    • Rainbow Slime!

      Simeology: Theese slimes are very friendly,

      but get angry when not fed. This slimes can turn Tarrs into rainbow slimes by stabilizing their essence.                                   Rainbow Slime (Not pixelated in game):
      Rainbow Happy Closed

      Diet: Fruit

      Favorite: Pogo-fruit

      Special: Can change to solid colours depending on mood.

      Plorts sell for: 3-9 newbux.

      Plortonomics: Theese plorts are very shiny, but not worth much because of how easy it is to get your hand on one. (Favorite is pogo-fruit so plorts are easy to get)

      Habitat: Indigo quarry, ranch.

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    • carro slime

      desc:a growable slime?wow!

      encountered:veggie patches, glass desert

      eats: veggies

      favorite: carrot

      harmful: to rads

      plort sells for: 35-90

      Slimeology:The carro slimes weren't even a thing before proffosor jok came along. he rubbed slime esscence on a carrot,and bam!the first ever carro slime!

      rancher risks: these slimes try to shoot poison carrots out thier mouth in rad slime corrals.make sure you keep Gardens away from rad slimes, or else you'll lose all of them.

      plortonomics: The Carro slime plorts are use for making instant carrot soup.

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    • Gentleslime

      Desc: The posh slimes give of a gentlemanly vibe

      Looks: white with a black bowtie, a top hat, and it's mouth is replaced with a moustache. it's eyes are constantly closed.

      Encountered in: the hidden ruins of the coast of the emerald blanket

      Eats: Elder roostros and Elder HenHens also a new plant called "Tleaf" (pronounced tee-leef)

      Favorites: Tleaves

      How to take care of: These slime's plorts cannot be eaten by any slimes other than largos, and They refuse to eat plorts. after eating, they get messy, requireing you to "wash" them with water. (only exeption are gordos)

      Plortonomics: their plorts are used in laundry detergent to help clean white clothes.

      They sell for 80-100 newbucks

      (Some Challenges)

      Gentleslimes are ALWAYS ferral when messy after eating

      Gentleslimes can escape the vac after being in there for half an in game hour.

      Gentleslimes are agro to tarrs, but cannot kill them, making them really hard to keep alive in tarr outbreaks

      [New Upgrade]

      For the slime pen, you can get a sprinkler for 550 newbucks which auto-washes gentleslimes. activates after auto-feeders, and can be activated manualy.

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    • Tech slime.

      diet: fruit

      favorite: iron orange

      dangers: Tech slimes don't take very kindly to being vacced up, and will use their jetpack to fly away, then shoot at you with their blastergun.

      appearance: a grey slime with a jetpack, a blastergun on it's left side, and a metal helmet with a red visor.

      slimeology: Tech slimes are docile unless disturbed, if you try to vac one up, even by accident, it will start hovering and shooting at you, they also will attack you if you throw another slime into a tarr or incinerator, and they will fight tarr with their blastergun.

      plortonomics: Tech plorts are usable to build more tech gear, same as the equipment the slime itself uses. the plorts are by default worth 73 newbucks.

      location: indigo quarry, rare.

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    • Elder Slime.

      diet: meat

      favorite: elder hens and roosters

      dangers: none, the elder slime is completely harmless.

      appearance: a pink slime with a beard and a cane.

      slimeology: it is a common misconception that the elder slime is a pink slime that is getting on in it's years, this is false, as slimes do not age, the elder slime is really just a slime with a beard and a cane, to be honest.

      plortonomics: elder plorts can be used to create a special medicine that helps with cramps. by default, they are worth 140 newbucks.

      location: dry reef, once the player has reached day 320.

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    • Magnet Slime.

      diet: herbs

      favorite: magnetea leaf

      dangers: not at all, unless it is a magnet electric largo, in which case it will deal high damage and set your energy to 0 on contact.

      appearance: a metallic red/blue slime.

      slimeology: there are two types of magnet slime, the red ones, and the blue ones, they will push away ones of the same type, but pull ones of the opposite type towards them, which usually results in groups of two.

      plortonomics: magnet plorts are used to create strong magnetic fields, but it takes a lot of them to do so. they are worth 230 newbucks.

      location: a really hard to find area in the indigo quarry, very rare, blue ones only in the day, red ones only at night.

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    • Fff

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    • Line slime

      Diet: veggies

      Favorite Food: Zigzag lettuce

      Plort Total cost: 143

      Occurrence: line oaza

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    • You necrobumped or necroposted or whatever it is called. (I think some people call it different things.)

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    • Double Slime.

      diet: everything.

      favorite: duel apple.

      dangers: not at all, unless it mimics a slime that can harm you.

      appearance: a red slime and a blue slime stuck together.

      slimeology: It is unknown If it is a conjoined twin or two slimes just me messing with you.

      plortonomics: It's plorts are used to make slime figures.

      location: everywhere but mostly the Slimeulation.

      Rarity: Common.

      Rancher Risks: It can mimic other slimes like a glitch slime they can also mimic largos they only make their own plort if feed after spashed with water.

      Default value of Plorts: 123 (They have half blue and half bed Plorts. The Plorts themselves have a striped pattern. They also can't be destored in a incinerator.)

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    • FlowerButterfly wrote:
      You necrobumped or necroposted or whatever it is called. (I think some people call it different things.)
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    • Except it was already necrobumped so never mind.

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    • Lightbulb Slime.

      diet: Light and Meat.

      favorite: Slime Lamp Light.

      dangers: If he is not feed he will disappear like the phosphor slimes and when the slime does disappear it will burst in flames causing plant based slimes to turn feral.

      appearance: a slime that  has the appearance of a lightbulb.

      slimeology: A slime that is the opposite of a phosphor slime.

      plortonomics: It's plorts are used to make lamps and stuff.

      location: everywhere during the day.

      Rarity: Common.

      Rancher Risks: They can make bigger fire explosionsif effected by pollen.

      Default value of Plorts: 345 (They have light bulb Plorts. The Plorts themselves have a glass like texture. They also can't be destored in a incinerator.)

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    • Also, isn't 345 a bit high of a price?

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    • oh

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    • It's okay. Just maybe make the price different. Also, how rare is it?

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    • crocodile slime

      diet: henhens roostros

      Favorite Food: painted hen hens

      Rarity: Uncommon-rare

      Default value of Plorts: 80 (plorts are green with spikes)

      Aggressive: Only to The Tarr.

      Appearance: green slime with crocodile jaw,snout and tail

      Slimeology: these slimes will sit at the bottom of lakes waiting for prey to fall in but are not very patient so will roam on land to find hen hens

      Location: jungle temples swamps and lakes in these areas

      Rancher Risks: if they escape there cage they will go straight to the coop and jump over its walls and eat all your chickens also if not fed they will be very agressive

      Plortonomics: its plorts can make leather stuff

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    • parrot slime

      Diet: fruit, snacks

      Favorite Food: cookies

      Rarity: rare

      Default value of Plorts: 100 plorts look like reddish blueish greenish

      Aggressive: Only to The Tarr.

      Appearance: red blue and green with wings a beak and a feathery tail.

      .Slimeology: it is known to swoop in and steal your food that you are sucking and then laughs at you.

      Rancher Risks: if too hungry and no air net it will fly away, if have air net it will try to break air net slowly.

      Plortonomics: you can make feather toys out of them tabby slimes like these.

      location: jungles and temples.

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    • FlowerButterfly wrote:
      Also, isn't 345 a bit high of a price?

      ya it's a little too high for a common.

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      You could add your ideas to the Fanon Wiki.

      i did

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