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An expansive body of a water and slime compound that's not fit for swimming, let alone drinking.
— the Slimepedia

The Slime Sea is the expanse of slimy water that covers the entirety of the Far, Far Range.

Slimepedia Entry

The Slime Sea that covers most of the Far, Far Range is something of a mystery. It is seemingly a mixture of water and slime that is believed to be the primordial pool where all slimes emerged, though its true purpose is entirely unknown by even the most esteemed slime scientists.

What is known is that the liquid found within the Slime Sea is not fit for drinking, watering crops, or even swimming, as most things seem to quickly sink to the bottom. When a slime enters the Slime Sea it quickly vanishes but it is widely believed that this far from ends the slime's existence, for slimes that enter the sea can often be seen quickly returning back on land, happy as ever. In fact, many slime scientists believe that slimes use the sea as a means of transportation, moving swiftly below the surface and popping out on land wherever they see fit.

But all theories aside, one fact remains very clear, most especially to ranchers: don't enter the Slime Sea!

As a zone

Despite the abundant presence of the sea around the map, there are only three areas marked as The Slime Sea on the World Map. Everywhere else without a specified zone is classified as Unknown.

  • The bridge connecting The Dry Reef to The Moss Blanket. The block of land which spawns Feral Pink Phosphor Largos at night is internally known as "Feral Island", while the bridge leading to the Moss Blanket is internally known as "Bridgeway".
  • Moustache Island, and the islands leading up to it. The mini islands are internally known as "MiniIsland",
  • The rocky outcrops behind The Grotto leading back into The Dry Reef where the Night Light can be found, internally known as "Sea Steps".


The slime sea itself acts as the world's physical barrier due to the jetpack's limited use. Falling into the slime sea results in an instant knockout which will respawn the player back to the Ranch House and time will skip for a minimum of 12 hours ending at 6am on a subsequent day; if knocked out any time between 6pm to 5:59am, the entire next day will be skipped to 6am the following day. Select items from the Vacpack will end up washing up at The Docks. Items and slimes thrown into the slime sea are removed from the game.

Slime Sea water, unlike normal water, cannot be vacced for use in the Vacpack.


  • 1.4.2 - Fixed a missing music track that should play while relaxing by the Slime Sea at night.


Part of the texture of the slime sea's seabed.

  • The Glass Desert is the only zone not located in the slime sea. Instead, it is surrounded by a sea of golden sand, referred to by Hobson in one of his notes as the "sand sea". However, it is functionally identical.
  • While not normally able to be seen due to the heavy fog and insta-kill barrier of the slime sea, the slime sea has a seabed. Part of its texture contains rocky slime faces, somewhat reminiscent of Slime Fossils.
  • The Docks' slimepedia tagline - "Deep, deep down in the great, blue sea, I saw a thousand slimes smiling back at me." - might be referencing the Slime Sea's seabed texture. The Slime Sea's Slimepedia entry also states "When a slime enters the Slime Sea it quickly vanishes but it is widely believed that this far from ends the slime's existence, for slimes that enter the sea can often be seen quickly returning back on land, happy as ever." which might also suggest some connection to this texture.
  • Although Moustache Island is classified as Unknown by the map, it is rather part of The Slime Sea.
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