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The ranch's very own wild side.
— the Slimepedia

The Overgrowth is a ranch expansion set in a small closed-in plateau filled with thick grass and flora, with natural food nodes and chicken spawns. It is themed after The Moss Blanket. The teleporter to Ogden's Retreat sits just outside its Ranch entrance.

Slimepedia Entry

The Overgrowth is an expansion to the ranch that is covered in moss and tall grasses. The thicket it creates allows for fruit and veggies to grow naturally and attracts the occasional wild chicken, making it an ideal space for a rancher that wants to let their slimes roam more freely.

Natural Resources

Name Resources
Food Pogo fruit.pngCarrot.pngHen hen.png


The Overgrowth is laid out in a roughly square shape, with a large rock formation in the middle which can be climbed for a more aerial view. The expansion is notable for having a high spawn rate of Hen Hens, as well as three natural hanging Pogofruit trees and three Carrot plots.

The Overgrowth's buildable plots are located far away from each other, allowing the freedom of keeping dangerous slimes corraled here with little fear of negative behaviors not confined by their corral causing Tarr outbreaks. The plot at the back of the Overgrowth in particular is boxed in, making it ideal for isolating Dervish Slimes. The variety of the food available by default may also make the Overgrowth ideal for free ranging slimes, especially on Casual Mode.

The entrance to the left of the Overgrowth contains a Static Teleporter leading to the bridge leading to The Moss Blanket, however the Tabby Gordo must be burst to activate it. The ramp leading to The Docks is also accessible there, but must be purchased before it can be visited. The entrance to the back leads to The Beach which is only otherwise accessible with a Slime Key.



  • 1.4.2 - Added auto-save checkpoints after: a Slime Gate is opened, a Ranch Expansion is purchased, and a 7Zee Rewards Club level is purchased.
  • 1.2.0 - Fixed spot in Overgrowth where chickens could get stuck behind a tree. It was likely a secret hideout for chicken scheming so YOU’RE WELCOME.
  • 1.1.0 - Purchasing the Overgrowth is now a requirement to unlock Ogden's Retreat.
    • Fixed a bug where chickens could be stuck under a ramp in the overgrowth.
  • 0.5.1 - Expanded with the addition of The Docks.
    • Fixed the placement of a few mountains in overgrowth
  • 0.3.1 - New addition of The Beach, accessible through the overgrowth ranch expansion.
    • Improved chicken spawning logic in the overgrowth ranch expansion. A small number of chickens should now spawn even if you have coops filled with chickens in the overgrowth.
  • 0.3.5 - (Undocumented) Overgrowth visual upgrade along with The Moss Blanket.
  • 0.3.0 - The Overgrowth and Grotto now include two-way teleporters to other areas of the range. However, the gordos blocking the other end need to be dealt with first...
  • 0.2.3 - Fixed bug where an overcrowded Grotto or Overgrowth could still have disappearing slimes.
  • 0.2.0 - The Pit has been replaced with a new expansion, the Overgrowth
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