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Like a flower blooming from a rocky crack, this emerald expanse hints at what could be.
— the Slimepedia

The Moss Blanket is one of the first few locations introduced in the release of Slime Rancher. It is one of the first locations to receive a major redesign after release.

Slimepedia Entry

The Moss Blanket is an island covered with a thick layer of moss where flora grows wild in great, tangling knots at every turn. The high walls of the cliffs surrounding the island and its great canopy of trees allow for sea mists to pass in and become trapped, creating a unique climate within the otherwise arid range.

The slimes primarily found within the Moss Blanket find its jungle-like conditions perfect: Tabby and Boom Slimes hunt their prey through the thickets with abandon, and Honey Slimes lounge in the flower beds, eating the great abundance of fruit that can be found at every turn.


The Moss Blanket is a veritable smorgasbord of resources. Though it does take time to get to, there is a teleporter at the 'end' of the Moss Blanket that sends you right back to the ranch. Because of the large variety of slime types, The Tarr appears very frequently, requiring explorers to journey with care.

Natural Resources

Name Resources
Slimes Pink Slime SP.pngTabby Slime SP.pngPhosphor Slime SP.png (Night)Honey Slime SP.pngHunter Slime SP.pngBoom Slime SP.pngPuddle Slime SP.pngThe Tarr SP.pngGold Slime SP.pngLucky Slime SP.png
Food Pogo fruit.pngCuberry.pngMint mango.pngCarrot.pngStony Chickadoo.pngStony hen.pngBriar Chickadoo.pngBriar hen.pngChickadoo.png •. Hen hen.pngRoostro.png
Exclusive Slime Science Resources WildHoney SP.png
Gordo Slimes HoneyGordoSP.pngHunterGordoSP.png

Points of Interest


This is the first area players will encounter while entering the Moss Blanket after climbing up the stairs and dropping down the chute.

The area contains a Pogofruit tree, a Carrot patch and a Cuberry tree. In the middle contains a pond where Puddle Slimes frequently spawn, and contains Hen Hen, Stony Hen, and Briar Hen[citation needed] nests.

The right of the chute exit leads to Green Pillars, containing a Slime Gate leading to the The Ancient Ruins courtyard.

A Hobson note can be found on one of the ledges detailing how to get back out from the entrance.

Green Pillars

Green Pillars is a small zone accessed to the right of Entrance; it contains a Slime Gate leading to Ancient Ruins courtyard.

It contains two Carrot patches, a Pogofruit and Cuberry tree and a Briar Hen nest.


Forest is one of the biggest areas in the Moss Blanket, being a mostly vast area with large ledges with many trees and lush vegetation. This cell contains a Map Data Node for the Moss Blanket. Near the center of the cell lies a Yarn Ball.

In addition to Entrance, to the West of the cell leads off into Honey Perch, where the Honey Gordo is located, and to the North it leads off into FlowerField, where the highest concentration of pure Honey Slimes can be found.

It contains 2 Pogofruit trees, 2 Carrot patches and few Hen Hen and Briar Hen nests. It also features a Hobson note suggesting that the Moss Blanket used to be more barren.

Honey Perch

Honey Perch is probably the first area player will encounter Honey Slime.

It contains 2 Hen Hen and Briar Hen nests, a Pogofruit tree and a Carrot patch. What is interesting, this area contains Honey Gordo Slime, and a Water Spring. Going past this area, player will go to Mushroom Island.

Treasure Pods

Main article: Treasure Pods/The Moss Blanket


The Moss Blanket has Treasure Pods which contains gadgets, Slime Science Resources, and Decorations.


  • 1.1.0 - Ogden will send you a starmail inviting you to his retreat after you successfully complete at least one Range Exchange with him, unlock the Moss Blanket, and unlock the Overgrowth.
  • 0.6.0 - Two new gordos have been added to the Moss Blanket and Indigo Quarry. One of them is quite mad. There are also some new ones in the Glass Desert!
  • 0.5.0 - The Ancient Ruins is a new zone located between the Moss Blanket and Indigo Quarry. It contains a new slime, resource, and other secrets to discover. This zone will also serve as the key to accessing the Glass Desert in a future update. The Ancient Ruins is very different from other zones in Slime Rancher and ranchers can easily get lost within its twisting passages if they're not careful. Travel safely!
  • 0.4.3 - Fixed missing level geometry causing a gap in Moss Blanket.
  • 0.4.2d - Fix flowers in Moss Blanket having turned yellow. Our best guess is that the winds were strong on our local build and blew some seeds over from the Ruins :)
  • 0.4.2 - Added some additional decorations near the paths to the Moss Blanket and Indigo Quarry so players won't miss it.
  • 0.4.0 - The Dry Reef and the Moss Blanket have new, explorable areas. The Moss Blanket’s new area, much like previous additions to the Reef and Quarry, will be important in a future update. Fixed bug where range exchange wasn’t including the proper items from unlocked Moss Blanket and Indigo Quarry. I think we’ve fixed this like 5 times now, so I’m already thinking about how I’ll phrase this the next time around.
  • 0.3.6 - The Moss Blanket has received some additional decorative props.
  • 0.3.5c - A bug was discovered that could affect the lock state of the Moss Blanket slime gate if you were playing v0.3.5 for the first time with a save file from multiple versions prior. The fix introduced in v0.3.5c will prevent this from occurring, however, it will not repair this broken state for those affected by the bug already. If you have already experienced this bug, you will need to create a new save file. We apologize for the inconvenience.
  • 0.3.5b - Slightly increased the spawn rates of hunter slimes in the Moss Blanket.
  • 0.3.5 - The Moss Blanket has received a major overhaul! It’s about twice as big as it was previously and has a whole suite of unique art assets to make it the moody, emerald forest it always dreamed it could be.
    • Hunter slimes are now on the prowl and can be discovered within the Moss Blanket! These sly predators can utilize a natural cloaking ability and create feral largos with their plorts.
    • Added rayvian flocks to Moss blanket and other parts of the Range (pretty bird-like things way up in the sky)
  • 0.3.2 - Some mountains have been added to the Moss Blanket to make the zone feel more in line with the other zones. This, however, is not the previously mentioned update to the Moss Blanket.
  • 0.3.0 - The moss blanket now has a dreamy night-time tune.
  • 0.2.0 - Addition of a new zone - The Moss Blanket. Honey Slimes now only spawn inside the Moss Blanket


  • According to one of Hobson's notes, The Moss Blanket was a barren wasteland when he first entered the Far, Far Range.
  • The Wilds is actually visible while looking from certain parts of The Moss Blanket.
  • The Slime Gate leading into The Moss Blanket from The Dry Reef can be easily bypassed by using the Jetpack and surrounding support structures.
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