The Menu Area is the location seen on the main menu of Slime Rancher. It does not exist in-game, and has been present in the game since before public release.

When viewed from the main menu, time is halted so slimes will never become agitated.

Natural Resources

Here is a a list of Slimes and resources available in the Menu Area.

Type Resources
Slimes Pink Slimes, Tabby Slimes, Rock Slimes, Rad Slimes, Boom Slimes.
Food None
Exclusive Slime Science Resources None



  • The Menu Area heavily resembles the Big Tree, as it was the prototype for the area currently in The Dry Reef. Identical resource nodes to the Big Tree are present, but are disabled so the slimes won't eat them and produce plorts.
  • If time is forced to advance through the use of mods such as the Debug Menu, the game progresses as if the player has started a new game by presenting new Starmail to read and Vacpack Upgrades to purchase.
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