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{{Infobox slimes
| image         = Their icon from the Slimepedia. Does not need [[File:]], just the filename and its extension.
| imagecaption  = Their in-game Slimepedia caption, centered with <center></center>
| occ           = Where the Slimes appear. Images in Item tags should be used.
| vop           = Value of the Plort according to the Plort Market during a 5 day rush.'
| diet          = What food type do they eat? Images in Item tags should be used.
| fav           = If they have a favourite food. Images in Item tags should be used.
| toy           = Each Slime has a favourite toy. Images in Item tags should be used
| type          = Is it Docile, Harmful or Hostile?
| gordo         = Does the slime exist as a gordo? If so, how many are found in the wild?
| beha          = A short description of what they do. Bullet points can be used.

Some of the arguments in the template have a default value, which will be presented on an article if left blank.

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