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Those stripes, that tail, that wiggle, wiggle, wiggle.
— the Slimepedia

Tabby Slimes, or Tabbies for short, are one of the most common slimes in Slime Rancher, along with the Rock Slime, both second only to the Pink Slime. They are easily identified by their resemblance to domesticated cats, as well as their behavior and dietary requirement of Meat.

The Tabby Slimes are one of four feline Slimes; the other three being Hunter Slimes, Lucky Slimes, and Saber Slimes.

Slimepedia Entry

Tabby slimes share many curious similarities to domesticated house cats of Earth. With their perky ears, striped backs, and swaying tails, you'd almost mistake them for a true feline... if they weren't made entirely of gooey slime, of course.

Rancher Risks:
A Tabby slime generally doesn't mean any harm to a rancher, but like their spiritual Earth cat cousins, often causes a great deal of chaos anyway. Tabby slimes love to steal things they don't eat, like fruits and veggies, resulting in lots of unintended largo transformations on the Range.

Tabby plorts are a key ingredient in a variety of 'performance enhancing' products that grant the consumer a surge of the tabby slime's signature energy and exuberance. And while athletes the world over take them to gain an edge, prolonged use often results in 'uncontrollable butt wiggles', another (less desirable) signature of the tabby slime.


  • Tabby Slimes tend to pick up food they don't eat or when they're not hungry and hold it in front of them. If corraled correctly, this behavior is harmless. However, food it's holding can be eaten directly from it by other Slimes, which can cause unintended Largo or Tarr transformations, since Slimes often prioritize the consumption of Plorts regardless of their size.
  • Hen Hens take longer to reproduce than Fruits and Veggies take to grow, so it is recommended to convert Tabby Slimes to a Largo with a favorite Fruit or Veggie.
  • Like real-world cats, Tabby Slimes can jump very high. They may well escape a corral without the High Wall or Air Net upgrades.
    • Be wary of your Coops, because if a Tabby escapes a corral or a loose one is roaming around; your Hen Hens won't last very long.
  • Letting a Tabby Slime pounce on you unlocks the Boop! achievement.


  • 1.4.0 - Updated the translation of “Tabby Slime” in the Korean translation.
  • 1.2.1 - Fixed some bugs related to the Tabby Space Program where tabby slimes were attempting to rocket to the moon.
  • 1.0.1 - Added meowing sound effects when a Tabby Slime steals a Food item.
  • 0.6.0 - Fixed bug where vac-ing a non-tabby largo would give them tabby stripes
  • 0.3.4 - A bug causing Tabbies to fight over a chicken was fixed, with the fastest one eating it now.
  • 0.2.4 - A bug causing Tabbies to be stuck when staring at food is fixed.
  • Before 0.2.0 - Added.


Tabby Slimes may be based on real world African wildcats, a species of small cat with grey fur and stripes which are the ancestors to domestic cats. The domestication aspect of the species may account for the Tabby Slime's friendly behavior towards the player when in range. This is in contrast to the Hunter Slime which is based on the European wildcat, a species of small cats with a reputation for being near-impossible to raise as pets. The Tabby Slime's name directly references tabby cats; cats of varying breeds with striped, spotted, lined, or swirling patterns on their coats. However, no Tabby Slime has the distinctive M pattern on their foreheads, a pattern common among tabby cats.

The Tabby Slime's Secret Style - Tiger - is based on the bengal tiger. Its coloration, stripes, rounded ears, and tail also bears some resemblence to Garfield.



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